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Sigmund Freud's Dream Theory

No description

Jasmine Keyvanpour

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Sigmund Freud's Dream Theory

What is in a dream? Sigmund Freud's Dream Theory
Inner thoughts and secret desires are hidden beneath the surface, in our unconscious mind. These are revealed in our dreams. The mind is like an iceberg Why analyze dreams? Where did Freud's theory come from in the first place? July 24, 1895
Freud's patient Irma very sick
Freud felt guilty, believing he was unable to treat her well
Had dream of Irma being injected by other doctor
Came to realization Irma had become ill from doctor's unclean syringe
Discovered impact dreams have on real life and waking thoughts, and how they can reveal much truth Dreamwork Process The Five Stages Displacement: A thing or person, that is part of your desire, that is "replaced" by something else. This is the main reason over confusion over what our dreams mean. Understand an individual's hidden desires and urges, as well as basic personality
These urges are suppressed in conscious mind (may be unacceptable in society), yet exposed in unconscious mind (especially in dreams)
Projection: The desires of the dreamer is put on another person. Symbolization: The urges or desires of the dreamer are represented metaphorically to hide the true literal meaning Condensation: Desires are shortened in a brief image or event, so that it is not as obvious. Ex. Dream about man = dream about individual's father AND husband or boyfriend Rationalization/Secondary Revision: Final stage. Mind organizes chaos and confusion into something more easily understood. Universal Symbols
(Freud focused a lot on sex) Male genitalia: pole, weapon, rocket, stick, tree trunk
Female genitalia: box, cupboard, oven, cave, bowl, tunnel
Sexual act: horse-racing, dancing Why forget? Lack of effect on emotions
Sensations not strong enough
However, many dreams are vivid and are remembered for long time afterwards Manifest Content What is remembered of the dream after waking.

The true meaning of the dream is unrecognized. Latent Content True meaning behind the dream.

Expresses something more than what appears. Free Association Patient describes dream
Associate specific parts of the dream to what comes to mind (let mind wander)
Interpreter analyzes dreamwork this way Let's watch:
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