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The runaway king

By Blake Heuer

Laura Cody

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of The runaway king

The runaway king
Author Jennifer A. Nielsen

Jaron - King of Carthya
Devlin - King of the Pirates

King Jaron is attacked after his parents' funeral. His kingdom is threatened. He sends away his dearest friend to protect her and his country.He makes a secret plan to save Cathya.
Jaron meets a family after saving their granddaughter from death. The family offers their home as a safe place for Jaron. He must leave and attack the priates. On his journey he meets and befriends two thieves, Erick and Fink. He will use them to enter the pirates hidden island.
Jaron, Erick and Fink make their way to the Pirate's island. Imogen is found living among the pirates. To rule the priates you must earn the right by killing the King of Pirates, Devlin. Will Jaron kill Devlin to rule the pirates and save Carthya? Who will take the side of Jaron and who will not? Will Imogen his one true friend survive?
I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure books. To grades 5-8. I truthfully believe it's better for naughty, ornery boys.
"A page turner"
- The New York Times Book Review
"An Impressive and promising story"
- Publisher Weekly Starred Review
Jaw Dropping
"Ruthless ambition, fierce action and plotting, complex characters and lots of sword play...keep pages flipping."
- Kirkus Reviews
Mind Blowing
Painful and Frustrating
By: Blake Heuer
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