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Lady Fu Hao: Military General and High Priestess

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kasinda faase

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Lady Fu Hao: Military General and High Priestess

Lady Fu Hao: Military General and High Priestess
King Wu Ding was a very powerful ruler. Many local tribes came over and pledged allegiance to him. In good faith, Wu Ding married one woman from each tribe, Fu Hao was one of the many wives he had. Fu Hao died in 1200 BC.
Lady Fu Hao's status
Little is known about the early life of Fu Hao, who lived during the later Shang Dynasty, some 3200 years from today.
Fu Hao served as a military general, high priestess, and oracle caster. She was the most powerful military leader of her time.
Throughout Fu Hao's reign, King Wu Ding repeatedly instructed her to conduct special rituals and offer sacrifices. Archaeologists have found further evidence of her status, including sacrificial bronze vessels and tortoise shells inscribed by Fu Hao.
Fu Hao led many memorable battles, military campaigns, and ambushes. Tu-Fang had threatened and fought the Shang Dynasty for many troubled generations. This was until Tu-Fang was defeated in single decisive battle led by Fu Hao.
Fu Hao's Tomb
Fu Hao died before King Wu Ding in 1199BC. So he constructed a tomb at the edge of the royal cemetery.
The tomb is a single large pit, 5.6m by 4m at the mouth. The floor level housed the royal corpse and most of the utensils and implements buried with her. Below the corpse was a small pit holding the remains of six dogs, and along the perimeters lay the skeletons of 16 humans.
fu Hao facts
Most of the information that we have on Fu Hao come from the texts of the oracle bones recovered from Anyang.
Her tomb was discovered in 1975 at Xian tun about 200 meters from the walls of the royal palace.
Fu Hao was a politician, monarch, Warrior Queen and high priestess.





King Wu Ding
Statue of Fu hao
At Yinxu
Fu Hao's tomb
At Xian tun
Some of the objects
found in the tomb
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