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Introduction to Prezi

Free prezi from prezzip.com

steven laredo

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Prezi

What is a Prezi?
and why should I care?
a "prezi" is an innovative and flexible way to present information & media to an audience or reader

but much cooler
prezis allow you to combine text, images, video and sound to present information in a creative & engaging way
much, MUCH
prezis are made with free web-based software that works within any web browser & operating
you can even edit them on a smartphone or tablet...if you are so inclined
kind of like a powerpoint slideshow
they work with Macs
they work with Windows PCs
you can include simple clip art images
you can include found images from the internet
you can include high-resolution photographs
you can include screen-shots to illustrate tasks for students
you can even insert entire video files from the web
(isn't her voice annoying?)
the video files can be played & paused within the prezi
Now, I bet I can guess what you're thinking
you're probably thinking something like...

"What about all the powerpoints and pdf files and word files and images that I have already made, collected & that I already use? Do I need to re-create all of that stuff? Because if you are telling me that I do, you can go get stuffed."

No worries!
(seriously, calm down)
The prezi software allows you to easily import entire powerpoint presentations or multi-page pdf files.
GDP per capita, 2010

main force driving all economies
results from fact that society has limited resources
we can never produce all the goods and services people wish to have
this creates an ongoing competition for resources among all people
the cost or price of any resource will always be determined by supply and demand

Supply & Demand

the system by which we produce, transport, and consume everything that we want and need during our daily lives
includes every single member of a society
people drive and direct the economy through their choices and decisions
“Economics” = studying & understanding how economies work

What is the Economy?
A Very Brief Introduction to Economics

If you import a multi-page file, the prezi automatically creates a separate 'frame' for each page or slide in the original.
Prezis are based in the "cloud" so they can be shared online in many different ways.
You can also link viewers to an online version of the prezi which you control & guide them through one step at a time.
("the cloud" is just a fancy way of saying "on the internet")
As you can see, one of the
as you may have noticed, prezis are designed on a non-linear 'canvas' that allows you to zoom in...

or zoom way out...
there are also all kinds of pre-formated diagrams & graphic organizers that you can easily use to make simple graphic presentations
kind of like a powerpoint slideshow...
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