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Independence Day of Indonesia

RMIT Presentation Project

Kezia Agung

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Independence Day of Indonesia

Independence Day of Indonesia!
The Significance of Celebrating Independence Day
The struggle of Indonesian People
Spirit of The Youth
Proclamation by Soekarno
The Ceremony
Does Independence Day still carry its meaning ?
These days, peoples doesn't take the independence day seriously when actually we should be serious when we participate the ceremony.

Ex: being sleepy, chit-chatting with our friends during the ceremony, etc
Celebration of Independence Day and Nationalism
By celebrating independence day, we will remember the sacrifice of our warrior. Nationalism: ask the country to give or serve the country. By celebrating independence day we will realize how much this country give for us and that we should serve our country.
"Independence doesn't mean you decide the way you want" -Stephen Breyer
just because you're free doesn't mean you can do anything as you please. You still have to follow the constitution, because everything a country decide have to be based on their constitution
"All we need is independence or death. No colonialism, imperialism, capitalism! No foreign intervention. We can stand on our feet"
We only have 2 choice, whether to be free or to die. We're not accepting other ideology. We can control our own country without other countries intervention.
Thankyou !

independence day
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