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Education & Social Services

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loubna smoudi

on 27 November 2016

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Transcript of Education & Social Services

12 Careers under Education & Social Services
Motivational Speaker
School Counsellor



Education & Social Services
Physical Education Teacher
Recreation Director
Current Trends
Driving Instuctor
- Teaching skilled and new drivers to drive vehicles safely is what driving instructors do
- Straight to the workplace
- few requirements: an OSSD, clean criminal record and driving record, drivers licence and 3-5 years driving experience
University Professor
- University professors use their knowledge on a specific subject to teach students on a university level
- To become a professor you need a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
4 years bachelors, 1-2 years masters, 4-5 years PhD
-Universities that offer these programs include:
-University Of Toronto
-Example Program
Doctor of Juridical Science

People who motivate or inspire others to be a better version of themselves are motivational speakers

- Find Clients - Write Speeches
- Prepare charts, props and handouts
- Plan activities - Deliver speeches
Attributes & Abilities
­- Awareness - Empathy
- Authenticity - Bravery
- Uniqueness and Creativity
- Helpful - Outgoing
- Talkative

Employment Prospects
There will always be a demand for motivational speakers because people will always need someone to give them that nudge to get to work. It all depends on what type
speaker you would like to be.
Speakers who motivate students at schools will find less opportunities due to budget cuts
Speakers who represent companies or are provided by huge companies and organizations to motivate employees are finding more opportunities
Below $25,000 to $100,000+
Background Education Required:
-High School Diploma, First-Aid Training, CPR
Description of the Occupation:
-Create a stimulating, nurturing, & safe environment
You can go straight to workplace, get an apprenticeship at an agency, go to college or recieve a degree on your chosen subject in university
Bus Driver
Background Education:
-High School Diploma
-First Aid Certificate
-Have a B,C,E, or F license depending on vehicle

Description of Occupation:
-Transport people from one place to another
- Drive through traffic, obey traffic laws

Personal Attributes required:
-Personable, patient, punctual, organized, responsible, oral communication skills

Post Secondary Program
-Skills Training Certificate (STC)
Specific Program
­- Acting for Stage and Screen Certificate
- Capilano University North Vancouver, 20 minutes away of Van. slopes of North Shore
- An OSSD is required as well as an interview and an audition
- 1 year
- $6,466.33 / year
Why it's good?
This program provides you with education on preformance, it's short so you can go straight to workplace without losing too much time and it be used towards a diploma or undergraduate.
Job Ads
Local Job Opportunity
* http://ca.indeed.com/cmp/Free­the­Childen/jobs/Motivational­Outreach­Speaker-
- Motivational Outreach Speaker Free the Children ,Toronto, ON
Non Local Job Opportunity
* http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?
Athlete Team Member (Motivational Speaker) ­East Bay, CA $2,500.00/m
Volunteer Opportunity
* http://www.motivatecanada.ca/en/
- Motivate Canada lets students practice motivational speaking by motivating students to live healthy and be active
There are both advantages and disadvantages in the development of technology
Websites like TedTalks and Youtube have videos of motivational speakers for free
Using the internet you can make a vlog so that potential cents can watch your videos without having to see you live to see if you are what they are looking for.
Also using Google people can search motivational speaker, your name will pop up and you will get clients without having to find them yourself.
-Do everything a "mother" would do for the child
Post-Secondary Program:

-Early Education Diploma (Humber College)
-Early Childhood Studies
Undergrad (Brock University)
Middle School Teacher
Duties/ Core Tasks
• Develop & implement student discipline policies
• Develop lesson plans
• Use different teaching methods
• Help students with learning or social problems
• Implements designated curriculum
• Assign & grade class work, homework, tests & assignments
• Supervise field trips & extracurriculars

Attributes and Abilities
Caring/ Kind

Communication Skills


Most work a regular 9 to 10-month school year (summers and breaks off)
Between $35,000 to $95,000 a year
Depends on where they work, and their level of education and experience

Training/ Education Required
Bachelor's Degree (3-4 yrs)
Attend Teachers College (1-2 yrs)
Gain Experience
Teacher Training (Recieve Certificate)

Employment Prospects
Was said to grow 12% from 2012 to 2022
Three teachers for every job
Shortage of teachers in Math, French, Special Needs, etc.
How This Job Has Been Affected By Current Trends:
Improved Student-Teacher Interaction
Use of Multimedia
Helps Special Needs Students
"An easily distracted generation with short attention spans.” - ^Said byTeachers

Rapid growth in:
The # of students of colour
Culturally & linguistically diverse students
Students from low-income families
Students could also easily get enrolled in schools in another country
Brings about a widening income gap
Teachers are the key to everything that we do in the education system
Post-Secondary Information
Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Junior/Intermediate)—Brock Uni ($6,506) 3 yrs
Teachers College-York University ($9,152 per semester) 1-2 yrs
The Master of Teaching Program-University Of Toronto ($9,217) 2 yrs
Customer Service Representative
- Rapid growth in population = more people to speak to
- Culture, religion and ethnicity doesn't make much of a difference because everyone needs motivation
- More speeches on and racism, more job opportunities
Tuition: $2,687.78
Mandatory Fees: $472
- People all around the world need motivation
- The importance of motivation might not have been completely discovered in some countries around the world but with time it will
Background Education Required
- High school Diploma
- College Program
- University Level Education
Description of the Occupation
They are representatives on behalf of an organization. They help costumers face to face, over the phone, or through e-mail
Earn a Master's degree, instead of a Bachelor’s degree, with teacher certification
Small, interactive classes
The instructors either have a Ph.D. or Ed.D

Core Tasks
- Handle complaints
- Answer Questions
- Fulfil Requests
Job Advertisements
A Canadian Post-Secondary School
Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

Algonquin College
3 Years
Marriage and Family Therapist
Background Education Required
Education & Social Services
Background Education
Minimum age 16- registered Skate Canada associate member (include link)
National Coaching Certification Program
2 day PowerSkate course successfully
StarSkate workshop plus assigned assignment
On-ice apprenticeship and apprenticeship exam
MED (Making Ethical Decisions) on-ice evaluation
First Aid certificate, Approved SkateCanda trust / clearance checks.

Ice Skating Instructor
Ice Skating Instructor
The Job & Core Tasks
High School Teacher
Duties and Tasks
High School Teacher
Attributes of a Teacher
Description of the Occupation
They provide psychotherapy and counselling to couples, families and others who are facing problems that are too difficult to handle by themselves and they believe it's affecting their relationships with each other
Core Tasks
- Listen to clients' concerns
- Assess their situations and feelings
- Provide counselling to clients
- Keep clients' records and track their progress
At least a bachelor's degree and some post-graduate study
Personal Attributes
- Good Communication Skills
- Good Listener
- Emotionally Stable
- Open-minded
Post-Secondary Program options
Personal Attributes
- Costumer Service and Sales Certificate
- Commerce/Business Administration Undergraduate Degree
- Commerce/Business Administration Certificate/Diploma
- Computer Skills
- Good at Problem Solving
- Communication skills
- Good Listener
Post-Secondary Program Options
- Psychology Undergraduate Degree
- Social Work Undergraduate Degree
- Family Studies Undergraduate Degree
- Family and Social Relations Undergraduate Degree
- Counselling Skills Certificate
- Marriage and Family Therapy Master's degree
- Psychology Doctoral Degree
A Canadian Post-Secondary School
Volunteer Position
Trent University- Ashawa Campus

Bachelor of Social Work
4 years
Tuition: $6,221
Master of Science in Couple and Family Therapy
University of Guelph
2 years
Contact school to be up to date with the costs
Part-Time Job
Duties/Core Tasks
Job Description
They teach others how to have a healthy and an active lifestyle. They also teach about how to have good sportsmanship, teamwork, and thrive them to get more fit
- Teach students how to play different types of sports
- Educate others about physical fitness and personal health
- May coach sports teams
- Monitor students behaviours
Attributes and Abilities
monitoring and enhancing performance
providing skills, tactics and support
training strengths and weaknesses
- Leadership Skills
- Explaining ideas and information to others
- Communication Skills
- Working With Others
- Patient, Calm, and Understanding of others' situations and feelings

- 40k-100k
- Depending on a teacher's level of education and experience
- High school teachers earn more than elementary school teachers
- Teachers with master's degree earn more than those with bachelor's degree
- Teachers also earn benefits
English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Creative Arts, French / International Languages, Health & Physical Education
All of the Training/Education Required
Background Education
High School Diploma
Bachelor of Education degree
Background education:
- Complete a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education or a related health subject (3 to 4 years)
- You can attend a teacher's college after that (1 to 2 years)
- Complete a Bachelor's Degree Concurrently
- Many physical education teachers earn master's degrees in education, physical education, or in kinesiology
- Health and Physical Education
- Kinesiology/ Exercise Science
- Secondary Teacher Education
- Junior - Intermediate Teacher Education
- Elementary Teacher Education
Duties/Core Tasks:
-Investigate how people are shaped by social surroundings
-Investigate and collect information
Employment Prospect
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showed that teachers of kindergarten through middle school will have a potential growth of 12% from 2012 to 2022; through the same period, high school teachers could expect a 6% growth.
-High School Diploma
-Bachelor's Degree in University -Master's Degree in University
Sociologists study social groups in order to better understand human social behaviour.
Post Secondary Schools
Ontario College of Teachers
How Physical Education Teaching Has Been Affected By Current Trends
teaching academic subjects and preparing related materials
assign/review/grade work according to curriculum
evaluate students and discuss
ensure good student behaviour
- There are apps that enhances physical education teaching such as, Music Workout, Fast Food Calories, and Teaching Games for Understanding
- People are becoming lazier because they're always on their technological devices so they're losing energy and track of time

take part in teacher workshops and staff meetings
- Diversity in students' cultures (More Interaction with different cultures)

-Good communication and writing skills
- More things are added to curriculums
Post-Secondary promgrams:
High School Teacher
Local Advertisement
Non-Local Advertisement
Part-Time Job Advertisement
-Bachelor's: Sociology or other related fields such as social work or psychology
-Master's: Socioloy
Canadian post-secondary schools:
Post-Secondary Program leading towards this occupation (Physical Education Teaching)
Bachelor of Kinesiology
University of Toronto- St.George (Downtown)
4 Years
(For both Bachelor's & Master's)
-McMaster University
-Queen's University
Tuition: $6,010
Mandatory Fees: $1,200
Academic Requirements (High School Courses):
1 . Grade 12 Advanced Functions (MHF4U) or Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U)
2 . Grade 12 Exercise Science (PSE4U) (if available)
3 . Grade 12 university-level Biology (SBI4U)
4 . Grade 12 university-level English (ENG4U)
5. Grade 12 university-level Chemistry (SCH4U)
6. Grade 12 university-level Physics (SPH4U)
27 King’s College Circle
Toronto, ON
M5S 1A1
Other Requirements:
1. Statement of Interest
2. Name and contact information of one referee

Core Tasks
Taking Co-op is Recomended
Non-Local Postings
Saint-Laurent Library, Quebec: Librarian
University of Windsor: Chief Librarian
Assistant Librarian: Lycee, Louis Pasteur Library
Volunteer Opportunities
(for teens)
Library Clerk, Walkerton, ON- Part Time Job, Age 15+, Saturday & Sunday 6 hours.
Starting October 30th- Febuary 30th. (excluding winter break)
Diving Instructor
Diving instructors teach people how to scuba dive.
Master of Science in Exercise Science
Univeristy of Toronto- St. George (Downtown)
2 Years
Call School to know the costs and be up to date
Background Education:
High School Diploma- with 3.0 grade point avg.
Masters Degree in Library and Information Studies Program for library sciences
Some librarians specialize further in archival, gallery, art, etc. libraries
Librarians in public school need teaching certification
-A high school diploma
-general scuba diving certification
-professional instructor certification
-Medical clearance and CPR & first aid training
Cited Works (Sally)
Duties/Core Tasks:
Post Secondary Program must be ALA accredited
U of T: NCSU Library Sciences Program,
Toronto or Mississauga, ON, CAN.
High School Diploma with cut-off of 3.0 grade avg.
Fees: $4, 719.00/year, may pay in installments $1, 500.00
Length of Program: 2 years
Post Secondary Education-
-Explain diving techniques, safety, and equipment.
-Plan and lead open water dives.
-May teach snorkelling, work at a dive shop, or lead diving tours.
Post-secondary program:
Canadian post-secondary school:
-Physically fit
-Responsible & safety conscious
-Good communication skills
-Underwater skills
-Seneca College; Ontario
Reccomend books, media, and materials
Provide reference services
Classify and catalogue library materials
Prepare finding aids (e.g. bibliograpies)
Perform manual/online searches to assist users
Develop taxonomies
Specialized programs for seniors, children, etc.
Conduct library orientation and training
Average Librarian
Public School Librarian
Specialized Librarian
$57, 550
$59, 560
$81, 500

Ontario Job Futures
Like to learn
Broad knowledge
Computer Skills
Customer Service Skills
Pro Active
Date Accessed: Oct 25, 2015
Local Job Postings
Computer Training
1 available job within 50km radius:
Librarian for Physical Sciences at York University
Duties/Core Tasks:
Personal Atrributes:
-Loving, nurturing, caring, sociable, patient, trustworthy, organized
ESL Tutor Program, Erin Community Centre, Mississauga- Volunteer Position, Age 16+, After School Weekdays, Starting Jan.1- TBA.
Description of occupation:
-Provide information on post-secondary education and training.
-Help students cope with personal and social issues.
-Use assessment tests to help students find out their interests and abilities.
-Organize job fairs and workshops.
-Arrange & give info. about co-op and school-to-work opportunities.
Opportunities will rise, primarily.
Women hold 80% of these jobs.
Librarian unemployment at its peak during
the summer due to reduced activity
Prediction: Say goodbye to librarian; Information Management Consultant is the new word!
School counsellors provide students with information and support to help them make good school, career, and life decisions.
2000-2008 12% job decline due to advances in technology.
Demand for information drives trends.
Jobs depend on amount of use of public libraries.
Overall librarians are 55+; rising chances for new
Globalization of computer search has reduced librarian duties.
Computer trainers teach unexperienced computer users how to use hardware and software more effeciently.
The background education required:
Obtaining a bachelor's degree in computer science or a college diploma in computers is a simple way of entering this field.
Attributes & Abilities:
Education Required:
The specific post-secondary program that leads to the occupation:
-Ranges from $35,000 - $95,000 depending on location and education.
-National median was $69,000
-High school diploma
-Must become a teach first (teaching certificate required)
-Bachelor's Degree
-Master's Degree
Computer Science, Software Engineering, Informations Systems Science, Computer Systems Analysis/Business Analysis, etc.
-A desire to help people
-Enjoy working with students and young adults
-Promlem solving skills & adaptability
-Good communication & writing skills
-Excellent organization skills
Example of Canadian post-secondary school where students can take the course
Employment prospects:
How are school counsellors affected by technology?
- The emplyment prospect is average because the demand for school counsellors won't be huge but they are always needed, especially when other retire
University of Waterloo offers many computer programs for students such as computer science and software engineer.
Acting Instructor
1.) Increass accessibility of resources:
e.g. Use of online courses
e.g. Support for students with medical conditions
e.g. Alternate options of post secondary or graduate school
e.g. Communication

2.) Influences on they work:
e.g. An increase in cyber bullying, threats, and internet safety causing new challenges
Local advertisement:
-Student Recruitment Coordinator (school counsellor) at the Can-Lakeshore Academy: Markham, ON, Canada.

Non-local advertisement:
-School Psychologist in Sacramento, California.

Opportunities for teens:
-Become a classroom assistant at your local YMCA to experience working with students and helping them through different situations.

-Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. -University of Toronto - St. George (Downtown) -Grade 12 English is the main prerequisite for this program, as well as 6 Grade 12 U or M courses. -1-3 years to complete -$9,960/year for a full session (winter + fall) -This program at this school is well known for many of their award winning instructors along with the wide variety of different psychology programs that will ensure students who are seeking to pursue a career in research, teaching, and clinical practice to be successful.
An example Pathway:
Fonda's Works Cited










Works Cited (Loubna)
* https://www2.careercruising.com/careers/profile-at-a-glance/546
* http://ca.indeed.com/cmp/Free­the­Childen/jobs/Motivational­Outreach­Speaker-
* http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?
* http://www.motivatecanada.ca/en/
Description of occupation:
Acting instructors train students on acting at many different levels and environments.
The background education required:
All acting instructors were first established as an actor one way or the other.
The specific post-secondary program that leads to the occupation:
Art Education/ Drama Education, Acting, Theatre Studies, Film Studies.
Example of Canadian post-secondary school:
University of Toronto has a diverse selection of Arts and Drama programs such as Theatre Studies, Film Studies, etc.
Job description:
Directors employ, teach and guide staff along with developing programs that are needed for their clients. Directors enjoy interacting with new people and are likely to fit in energetic environments.
Attributes and Abilities:
Core tasks:
Employ, teach and guide staff, develop teams and activities for sports, and promote clubs to the public.
Secondary courses to take in Grade 11 and 12:
Business & management, hospitality & tourism, health & physical education and tourism.
Post-secondary programs that are useful for this occupation:
Recreation, fitness and sport managements, health and physical education, fitness and recreation leadership and health promotion.
York University- B. Ed.
Unaiza's Works Cited
Librarians aquire, organize, promote and search a variety of different resources to meet the needs of the community.
Core Duties
- Teach students about driving laws, traffic signs, and road safety
- Instruct drivers on how to use a vehicles
- Watch and evaluate students’ driving skills
- May teach refresher lessons to experienced drivers
- May specialize in teaching older drivers
Attributes & Skills
- Patient
- Enjoy teaching
- Communication skills
- Able to remain calm under pressure
- Experienced driver
Core Duties
- Educate students at a university
- Mark work handed in by students
- research in their area of expertise
- Write essays, articles, and books
- Perform administrative work
Abilities & Skills
- A thrive for learning
- Research and writing skills
- Great with public speaking
- Critical thinking skills
- Speaking another language is recomended
Core Tasks:
Job Description:
Health conscious, good with people, organized, energetic, and enjoy dealing with the public.
An easy way to get ready for a career in this field is to get a bachelor's degree or diploma in recreation management.
Experience is crucial in getting into this career as it proves to yourself and other people that you are good enough to handle stressful and risky situations.
Starting out in this career as a sports or recreation instructor usually earns about $20k to $35k. Recreation directors at higher leveled positions earn nearly $25 000 to $75 000.
Salaries can have a huge gap depending on size or location of the club and whether it is publicly or privately funded.
In the near future, there will have been a great amount of job openings due to the fact that older workers would have to retire. Because of this, the employment growth would increase in demand of new employers and equipment.
Field of Work Affected by Current Trends
Technology has changed the way of organizing and planning. For example software tracking is now used to keep track of which members are participating, how often and how long have they been participating.
Examples of an advertisment of a job opputunity
Kansas City
City of Mississauga Volunteer
Post-Secondary Education Details.
Kinesiology focuses on the study of the human movement, sport and physical activity of a human body.
One of the best programs in Canada for kinesiology is KPE from the University of Wilfred Laurier. The University of Laurier is in Waterloo, Ontario.
The admission range for this program is mid 80s. Biology must be at least 70%, English at least 60%, one of 3M Functions, 3U Functions and Relations or 4U Mathematics at 60%.
The tuition fee is $8,162.
The tools used in labs are phenomenal and the facilities for teaching and researching labratories include weight training, fitness equipment, and Olympic-length pool, gymnasium, soccer field and stadium.
Cited Works (Seyon)
Employment Prospects
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