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Copy of Planning a Safe Sporting Activity - Assessing Risk in Sport

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Mr Terry

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Planning a Safe Sporting Activity - Assessing Risk in Sport

Unit 3 - Assessing Risk in Sport

Planning a Safe Sporting Activity

Assignment 3:
Part Two
Task 1 (P5) - Plan for the safe delivery of a sporting activity
Task 2 (M4) - Review your plan
Activity Could be:
Any sport
Training/coaching session
At what point(s) when planning a sporting activity would you be thinking about health and safety? Discuss as a group (5mins)
Prior to the event (4 weeks)
Individual Roles and Responsibilities
Sport leader
Coach (Sports Coach Uk Code of Practice)
First-aid (availability, up to date qualifications)
Suitability of......
Participants (age, gender, ability, specific needs, numbers)
Equipment (eg correct sizes)
Other factors
Complying with legislation
Legal factors
Clear guidelines and rules
-At least 4 weeks Prior
-Immediately before the event
-During the event
As a group, discuss what factors you need to consider at this stage of your planning (initial stage) 5mins
What considerations need to made immediately prior to the activity?
5 mins ...
At this stage...........Complete a Risk Assessment!!!
Immediately before the event
Health and safety checks
Appropriate documentation
Relevant signage (what? why? where?)
What considerations would you be making during the activity?
During Activity
On-going risk assessments/safety checks
Enforcing rules/guidelines
Following legislation/regulations
You should follow this three stage process during your presentations.....

An Assignment Appetiser
Review of plan (M4)
Strengths - What would be effective about your plan?
Areas for improvement - what changes would you make to your plan and why?
Strengths and weaknesses of your mini-plans?
Thank you
Now form your groups
Costing plan
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