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Has the freedom of the press gone too far?

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Gi'Anni Matanane

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Has the freedom of the press gone too far?

Can the press be trusted?
The Press Puts Others At Risk
Does The Press Affect The Safety of The People?
It Is The News, But Is It Really True?
Thursday, May 15, 2014
Vol MMXV, No. 2015
It is a right, but it comes with major issues
Has The Freedom of The Press Gone Too Far?
The Press Violates The Privacy of Others
Can I Have Some Privacy? or NAH?
It is stated in the First Amendment of the Constitution that everyone has the right of having the the freedom of religion, speech, and press, in which congress can not prohibit or abridge.
I firmly believe in the freedom of speech and self-expression. The press is very important, but sometimes people take advantage of that right and often misuse it.
Here are some issues involving the press:
Sometimes the information shared by the press is either false or biased
Violation of the privacy of others
Disrupts the safety of some individuals.

The press is always trying to get the details of the latest news so they can catch the people's attention. The press has the obligation to report issues of importance to the public. Although, sometimes the freedom that they have to report anything can put certain people, such as celebrities or politicians, in a very uncomfortable situation. Sometimes, the press reports the private issues of some individuals, which have no relevance in benefiting society. They would report issues such as people's sexuality or scandals. Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky is a perfect example of an issue that the press has used to provoke the public into gossiping. This was a big issue because it involved our former president, but this should have been settled by him privately, instead of the whole nation getting involved with the scandal. The power of the press has turned one individual's personal issue into a major deal that caused the entire nation to get involved. The press should re-think their values and be more concerned with reporting information that is beneficial to the public.
Breaking News
One of the issues with the press is that many of the stories that they publish or report is either false or biased. Sometimes, the media tries to address certain issues without knowing the full story. They fail to collect all of the necessary information that they need in order to make a true and thorough report. Sometimes the media is too caught up on getting the big story and they end up making false accusations. Although, I think that the truth is more important than trying to catch the people's attention.
False accusations and the violation of privacy are only the minor issues with the press. One major problem that the press has caused, which infuriated many people, is the disruption of the safety of certain individuals.
An article that I read, which was written by Noreen O'Donnell, explained that the authorities of the suburban county north of New York City denied the release of the names and information of local gun permit holders.
This issue disrupts the safety of the people because it releases personal information to the public, which can be very dangerous. The editors of the newspaper claimed that they sought information after the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, which has sparked nationwide debate about gun control. The gun owners of the state were infuriated and they called for an advertising boycott of the newspaper until it takes the map and identities off its website. The Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant stated, "There is the rule of law, and there is right and wrong and the Journal News is clearly wrong," Sant also said in a statement. "I could not live with myself if one Putnam pistol permit holder was put in harm's way, for the sole purpose of selling newspapers."

Thank You
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