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P3: explain sequence, selection and iteration as used in computing

If there are any mistakes in my work please comment below, i do not own any of the pictures there. thank you!

Sarah Wong

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of P3: explain sequence, selection and iteration as used in computing

P3: explain sequence, selection and iteration as used in computer programming.
In this presentation, i will explain what sequence, selection and iteration which are all used in computer programming.
I will also explain about programming constructs.

An iteration is a computer loop that goes through a group of instructions which gets executed over and over again.
iteration is also one of main three basic programming constructs. Iteration involves the use of two variables which are called the "while" and the "do while".
An example of iteration which be shown below.
Selection is one of the main three basic structures. A selection is when a question is asked and depending on the answer, there may be more than one outcome. To put this in a more simpler way to understand selection, it is also known as an if statement.
An example of selection which be shown below.

a simple definition of sequence is that it is a set of instructions that are in order, one instruction after the other, once one instruction has been executed, it will take a few seconds for it to be executed. These instructions are made by what are "Programmers".
Programmers are people who writes computer programs.
An example of sequence are shown below.
Flow Chart
If statement is a selection statement that allows more than one possible flow of control.
If statements are also decision statements, it is also sometimes a true or false statement.
if statement
The while loop performs a function that is given by the programmer and it will go on until the function is true.
The while loop first tests the given condition then executes the function.
while loop
Programming constructs
The most common techniques that are used in programming that will solve all problems are what are known as "constructs".
There are three main programming constructs that many programmers use to help them in programming language such as Visual Basic.
The three main programming constructs are stated below.
A flow chart is a diagram that uses shapes such as rectangle,diamonds, rhombuses and ovals.
Flow chart is useful because sometimes, using flow charts are effective to visualize than to describe it.
It is also a step by step guide to start to end, there may be some routes that will be taken, and the outcome will be different but it will still have an end.
By Sarah Wong
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