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Ep 2.1

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Ep 2.1

Our Moderator:
Catherine Gutierrez
Director of Client and Partner Relations at Parsec
Our Panelists:
Mike Yost
Travis Tomaszewski
Operations Area Manager
Dave Ray
Vice President of Operations
First Steps with
A common theme that we see across manufacturers is a miscalculation of OEE, even with a software solution in place.
What are the common mistakes and pitfalls when calculating OEE and what can be changed or avoided to get an accurate OEE calculation?
How were you able to stress the importance of tracking downtime to operators and plant managers?
Were there certain losses that were disputed in how they should impact the final OEE value, such as a Changeover?
With OEE being a calculation of availability, performance, and quality, how challenging was it to map known downtime reasons to each loss type?

Performance management has a broad scope and can relate to many things.
How do companies measure performance, and how has this changed over time?
Real-time data is most effective when it is delivered in the right way, to the right people.
How impactful are TrakSYS™ user interfaces and dashboards at creating and keeping operator engagement ?
How has TrakSYS™ reduced the need for tribal knowledge to affect positive change on the shop floor?
The performance of a plant can be displayed many different ways (an example being a director may see a different performance dashboard than a line operator).

How does TrakSYS™ help to keep everyone in the organization on the same page about performance?
Identifying root causes can be like pulling a thread, once you fix a problem area, another arises affecting other areas, before and after in the value stream.
What are the best practices as far as identifying root causes and prioritizing their repairs?
Were there any root causes that surprised you?
Were many of them operational in nature?
How many root causes did you identify that were not directly attributed to a machine failure?
What tools or capabilities does TrakSYS™ provide that allowed you to identify and record accurate root causes?
Operator Engagement and Delivering Intelligence
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