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Eminem presentation

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Morten Larsen

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Eminem presentation

Life Before Fame Debbie Mathers and Marshall Bruce Mathers II were his parents,
Grew up without a father who had abandoned their family when Marshall was 2 years old
His family had many financial problems, causing them to move a lot (over 20 times)
They lived back and forth from Missouri to Michigan then spent most of his teen years in Detroit
Marshall was bullied and often an outcast
As a child, his family members thought he might have been retarded since he would constantly bounce whenever music was on
He got a hold of the album Licensed to III by the Beastie Boys (a hip-hop/rap band) and became really interested in music
Become a battle rapper at the tender age of 14
Marshall never had a great relationship with his mom
Debbie mathers wanted Marshall dead instead of his uncle
This was after she took drugs and got drunk, but Marshall knew she meant it, she never liked her son
Marshall has a tattoo on his left arm it stands "RIP Ronnie" The Start Albums The Life of Marshall Bruce Mathers III Otherwise known as Eminem After starting his rap battles, Mathers decided to drop out of high school after failing ninth grade 3 times by age 17
This is when he really became interested and completely focused in rapping
Though Marshall was a poor student, he did have a knack for language (he would read & enjoy comic books and he would study the dictionary to improve his raps)
He continued to rap-battle until he made his first hit Accomplishments Eminem's first album Infinite was released in 1996 where many copies were sold out of the back of his car
Some subjects covered on Infinite include his struggle to raise newborn daughter Hailie and his longing to become wealthy
His second album The Slim Shady EP (1997) is where one of his alter egos Slim Shady was introduced
Eminem used Slim Shady to rap about deeper, darker things since during this time, he was dealing with a break up, moving back in with his mother, drug and alcohol abuse, and a failed suicide attempt
The Slim Shady EP was his big break, going triple platinum although it did start a lot of controversy
In 2000, his next album The Marshall Mathers LP sold 1.76 million copies in its first week, went triple platinum, topped charts and broke records
Chart toppers after that include The Eminem Show (2002) which was the best selling album of 2002 and Encore (2004)
The Eminem Show included many songs that now dealt with how fame has affected his life, family relationships, and who he was in the music industry
Eminem received a lot of criticism for his hateful and threatening lyrics about president George Bush in Encore
Relapse didn't do as well as his previous works but still sold millions worldwide and went platinum
On that album, Eminem expressed his battle with prescription drugs and announced Slim Shady is back
In 2010, his latest album Recovery was a huge success, holding #1 spots on charts worldwide and landing him the record for most successive US No. 1 albums by a solo artist BY: Morten & William. According to Guinness World Records, he is the fastest-selling rap artist ever. The Marshall Mathers LP sold over 1.7 million copies in its first week.
.My Name Is was the first rap video to hit the top spot on MTV's TRL.
.Lose Yourself, from the movie 8 Mile, was the first rap song ever to win an Oscar for Best Song.
.In November 2002, he was the first artist to capture the honor of having the top album (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture 8 Mile), movie (8 Mile), and song (Lose Yourself) at the same time.
.He's one of the few rappers to achieve a Diamond RIAA Certification, indicating sales of over of 10,000,000 units.
.Nobel prize-winning Irish poet Seamus Heaney has praised Eminem for his "verbal energy" and efforts to increase public interest in poetry. How He Was Discovered Marshall Mathers was discovered by the rap icon, Dr. Dre
Ever since Eminem's first big label CD dropped, The Slim Shady LP, he's been creating an upset with his lyrics and his style
Although some people (the US Congress, Debbie Mathers and others) consider him a bad influence on youth, fans can't get enough of Eminem or his music Publicity Eminem received a lot of criticism when he first started out.
People had this image in their heads that a rapper has to have darker skin.
Since Eminem didn’t fit their schema, most people automatically started to discriminate him.
Eminem talks about this in his song “White America”
Eminem is also discriminated because of his use of inappropriate lyrics and foul mouth
I think Eminem is best known for his uniqueness and not being afraid to speak his mind
Eminem is also known for his clever lyrics in his raps and for the emotion included in his raps Song Styles Throughout his musical career, Eminem experimented and used many different song styles depending on where his life took him and his alter egos Alter Egos Eminem has 1 main alter ego which is “Slim Shady
Slim Shady Does and says the things Eminem can’t
Slim Shady has definitely got that bad boy, player reputation
Slim shady songs are more cartoonish while real, authentic Eminem songs are more personal and closer to him for example (Insert “When I’m Gone”)
Is well known for his outrageous personality and over the top use of violence and profanity Films Eminem got a small role in 2001 film The Wash
In 2002, 8 Mile, a movie about a struggling white rapper was released
This movie was inspired by Eminem's life with him starring as the main character, making it a semi-autobiographical film
8 Mile was a success, becoming #1 making $51,240,555 during opening weekend
Eminem's featured track "Lose Yourself" won an Academy Award
Apart from that, Eminem has also done some voice acting in small projects Current Career Now he is trying to finish he's next album so it will be out before summer.
He has also participated with other artists, that's why the album wasn't released at 24th. May 2012 as supposed to.
He's new album is named "The return of Slim Shady"
Marshall has thirteen Grammy Awards. He has been praised for having "verbal energy" Thank you for your attention. We hope we didn't bore you to death!! Born October. 17 1972 Saint Joseph, Missouri
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