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Half Brother

Half Brother book report

Saba Ali

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Half Brother

The books main settings are
-at home
-at Dr.Helson's place
-a little bit at school Saba Ali 6-1 Half Brother
By:Kenneth Oppel Point of View Setting Story Plot Outline Characterization Characterization The story's point of view is FIRST PERSON The Tomlin's moved from Toronto to Victoria after a 6 day drive. Introduction:
The two main characters in this book are Ben & Zan.
Zan is a chimpanzee, and Ben is a human.
The problem is that after the Tomlin family (and some other people) teach Zan up to 60-70 words a new student comes to work with Zan. He watches video's of him over and over again and find's out that Zan is just mimicking. Zan is an intelligent chimpanzee who knows how to sign words with his fingers and turn those words into sentances. Zan loves the Tomlin family. He thinks of them as his real family as if he was born with them. Real mom, real dad, and real brother. I know this because when they take Zan to Dr. Helson's place, he ends up thinking that the other chimpanzee's are " Black Dogs" Zan has black fur all over his body except for on his feet, chest, face and hands. He has a squashed nose and wrinkly skin. THE END THANKS FOR WATCHING :) It takes about years and a half for the story to be told. Ben has curly hair, that he doesn't like. He wears jeans and t-shirts like a normal guy would. He also hates wearing turtlenecks The theme of Half Brother is that animals should be left as animals. At first Ben is mad that he has to give Zan away, but then he realizes that chimpanzee's like Zan are meant to stay and the wild and live there and not in a house. Sooner or later in the book, Ben finally realizes and decides to do something. ZAN REASON:
I know because throughout the whole book it says "I"
Example: "I hope he doesn't freak out when he gets in there" I said. B E N TOMLIN OPINION Conflict The type of conflict is Person v.s. Person. REASON #1: I know because after living with Zan for two years, Ben didn't want him to go. He was telling his dad to let him stay but his dad already sold him to Dr.Helson. REASON #2: Lastly, I know because Ben and his family were v.s Dr.Helson afterwards to give Zan back. They made the offer of 10 thousand dollars, but he wanted 20 thousand. REASON#3: I also know because Ben & his mom were v.s. Ben's dad. After stealing Zan back from Dr.Helson not knowing, Ben's dad was fighting to send him back. But his mom said " Maybe you should worry less about your career and more about your family because that's going to be in serious trouble if you don't do the right thing." Toronto Victoria Theme Book Cover: My opinion of the book Half Brother is that its pretty good because every time something finishes another thing starts going on, so it has a lot of things that are happening in it. I rate it an..... He cares for his family a lot
especially for Zan. When he finds
out he has to leave, Ben trys doing everything he can to let him stay. Ben is usually a nice person, but he can get mad very easily if you take one of his private books or something and don't give it back right away. because it has some weird things but other than that its good. Dont forget to read the book!
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