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Hydrogen Powered Cars

A look into how hydrogen can be a very good energy source. Especially for cars.

Kian Garemani

on 3 February 2012

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Transcript of Hydrogen Powered Cars

Hydrogen? How it works Different Cars Where
own How it Helps Proccess is called ELECTROLYSIS Electrolysis is done by sending electricity through
specially designed pieces of metal suspended
in water. (The conversion of water
into oxygen and hydrogen) The tension is caused by the
electricity that causes the water molecules
to shear appart And this results in the production
of pure oxygen and hydrogen gas bubbles These automobiles are powered by two types of engines:
the Internal Combustion engine(gasoline-powered version and
the fuel-cell conversion that allows hydrogen to react with oxygen
to produce electriciy and water to power an electric motor Hydrogen is a highly reactive colorless gas. It is the lightest and most abundant
element in the universe! It is made from water, and most organic compounds Cool Fact:

Today in the United States, over 42 million tons
of hydrogen is being used each year. 9 million
of this is being used for cars and homes. This is enough to power
20 to 30 million cars, or
5 to 8 million homes. In 2015, the Energy Hydrogen program
will make a decision on commercializing
hydrogen powered fuel cells to power vehicles
nd make infrastracture to fuel them. It takes less than 1 gallon of water to make enough
hydrogen to power a car the same distance it would travel on a gallon of gas In 1807 Francois Isaac de Rivaz of Switzerland designed the first internal combustion engine that ran inside the first automobile. This first experimental prototype was powered by hydrogen gas and oxygen. The Rivaz car stored compressed hydrogen gas in a balloon and it had an electrical Volta cell ignition German engineer Felix Wankel designed the Wankel rotary engine in the 1950s and made a version to burn hydrogen Many car companies
have tried to make hydrogen
powered cars. But due to the
extreme difficulty, many failed
like Ford. But because of the big amount
of money it takes to reaserch
hydrogen power, the government may stop funding companies who are trying to make hydrogen engines. In 1766, Henry Cavendish realized that hydrogen was a separate substance, something that could be isolated from all other matter. He was the first to make
water out of hydrogen and
oxygen NASA also uses liquid hydrogen
to propel its aircrafts into space And because it is renewable and
recyclable and we will never run out of it And water costs close to nothing, so it will keep
our wallets green! Honda FCX H2O Hydrgogen plays an extremely important role in the future of tranportation BMW Hydrogen 7 Numerous of fuel saving
devices are being built Scientist are devloping better
technoligies that allow hydrogen
to be safely produced, stored,
transported and used Almost every major automakerin the world is working on developing a fuel-cell vehicle Fuel Cell Electrochemical engines Produces electricy constanstly as long as hydrgoen and oxygen are introdduced to the cell Now and later The first hydrogen
powered car! No danger to the atmosphere Past Prezi created by - Victor Arias Carol Qiao Kian Garemani Its smarter to wait
a little longer for the
price the be lowered. But if your sure you want one
now, good luck trying to find
one. There is only a small
amount of these cars in the world But dont worry you
will be able to buy one
in a car dealer in
about 5 or 6 years.
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