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Flex Appeal

A deep dive into cutting edge applications that redefine the user experience for the next generation of GIS applications.

Sajit Thomas

on 3 February 2012

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Transcript of Flex Appeal

Sajit Thomas Solution Architect
Esri Professional Services
@mraad Mansour Raad UX Architect
Esri Corporate Sales
@SpatialAgent the team brains behind the technology fine print typical user typical behavior proof of concepts no warranty people on heart, blood-pressure medication or at risk due to exposure to excitement should attend a Silverlight session elsewhere designed to stimulate ideas some data for illustration purposes only source code will be available when possible Users are constantly moving 2.7 BIG or really big! The important thing to remember is that sizes matter Average number of devices a person uses to connect to the Internet

Devices are constantly changing of smart phone users start their day with the Internet 30% 45% of them end their day with the Internet average number of apps on a users smart phone 37 or less is the average amount of time a user spends on an app 6min of apps are opened just once 26% 13% of users are likely to read instructions, help or a manual before using an app Yet always connected think as long as it's small 75% of people that go online visit social network sites or blog sites minutes are spent on social network sites and blog sites in a year around the world 110 Billion of smart phone users watch Oprah Winfrey 38% of users are likely to use an app recommended by others 83% ideas 0 1 deliver smaller focused apps instead of a large one with lots of functionality focus splash screens with instructions
are certificates of failure jump right in color color is more than just a branding mechanism and can be used to communicate changes and evoke emotional responses icons increase readability, allow quick scanning and help target multiple screen resolutions

universal icons transcend language barriers Flex Symbol real time adding a real time factor to apps will make users use the app more often automate reward lazy users
anticipate common user tasks and
automatically perform them minimalism less is more render data so that users can easily and quickly comprehend what it represents visualize stand out avoid mediocrity
and overcome the fear of breaking rules using the rate of change to create real time dashboards earth beat Flex
City building apps that are more than just one night stands and the using location to get the pulse of the people poll maps it's almost 3D fauxD Phone Flex the joy of developing Flex apps for mobile devices projects ideas reasons + 92% of users are willing to figure out a new app within the first minute

After the first minute, the number drops to 47% * to improve your Flex life Mile-high Flex experiments in getting high the art of seducing users by slowly exposing UI elements as needed revelation The difference between 100 points and 1000 points on a map is 0 Sajit Thomas Mansour Raad @SpatialAgent @mraad because threeing is believing trueD the end to a lonely existence get Kinected www.esri.com/sessionevals
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