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Martin Parr

No description

Liam p

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Martin Parr

Martin Parr Martin Parr was born in Epsom, Surrey, UK in 1952. http://www.lostateminor.com/2007/10/02/martin-parr/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Parr Who was he inspired by? http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/cruelandtender/parr.htm Martin Parr was fisrt inspired by his grandfather George Parr. Once Parr was fourteen, Parr knew that he wanted to be a photographer. In later years Parr went to Manchester Polytechnic to study photograpy from 1970 to 1973. Parr's Emotions and Feelings towards his Work According to Parr, his photographs never fail to show extreme emotions because they always give away some truths. This is a quote from him: "We are so used to digesting pictures that are pure propaganda, that people are surprised when someone like me shows them images that are closely tied to reality. I, at least, don't lie". http://www.google.com.sg/search?hl=en&rlz=1R2ADSA_enSG372&q=martin%20Parr%20lady#hl=en&pq=martin%20parr%20lady&xhr=t&q=martin%20Parr%20(lady's%20bridge) http://www.strozzina.org/ritrattidelpotere/e_parr.php This is David Sawyers, a member of the Brighton Sea Swimming Club. The photograph above shows David who is disabled and loves his swimming. The ocean is a place where he can experience total freedom both physically and mentally. I think that this photograph relates to the Subjective Frame because this photo shows emotion about how this person has the will to get out and swim in the rocky part of the ocean although his is disabled. This wonderful shop is run by Priscilla Oldstein and her son Philip. This shop sells absolutly any electrical component you could think of. When you enter this store you also have the BBC Radio on full volume. You can also have a nice chat with the owners. I think that this photography relates to the Subjective Frame, because this photo shows passion and feelings about how this is a family business that will comtinue for generations. http://www.picturerealproductions.co.uk/photojournalism-research-chloe.php http://www.shiekasai.com/feeds/2?page=34 Bibliography Here are some
other Photographs that Martin Parr has taken: I think Martin is trying to show the emotions in his work by including the reality of the real world as he has photographed a disalbled person in the beach going swimming. Although he does not show his disability, the walking stick in the foreground suggests that he could be blind. Also he is wearing gloves on his hands to feel the wall as he enters the water. I think Martin is trying to show the reality of a small business and how difficult it can be to run it. These people look like they are from a less fortunate background and don't look very happy. When you look at this photo it gives you a feeling of sadness. However these people look like they are passionate about their business because of all of the electrical appliances in the store. When you look at this it affects you and gives you a feeling of happiness to see a disabled person swimming in the ocean. It shows the audience that this person has the courage to do this. It should encourage people to try something new that they may be afraid of doing.
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