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My Culture

No description

Jasira McGee

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of My Culture

What is my Culture?

My Culture
Aurora, Illinois - I take this this place to be a subculture of mine because it is where I'm from. It is very important to me because this is where my family is. Its different from mainstream because of the different places and people a subculture like milwaukee would have.

Rufus King- Rufus King is apart of my culture because of its diversity. Before king i was in an all African American private school. King has become apart of me. It differs from mainstream because we take pride in being diverse.

African American- This is important to me because we have different styles of food or different creative methods. It differs from mainstream because of the different aspects.
-Education has always been important in my culture. The elders in my family have always pushed the younger generation so that we not only make it to college but to go for your masters degree as well.

-Respect is essential in my culture. I have been taught it is not only important to respect your elders but to respect everyone even if they are different.

Honesty is a huge part of my culture. Honesty is always the best answer. I have come to appreciate my families honesty.

Non-Material Culture
I speak English its been my cultures sole language. Its important to me (even though its standard) because it is my first language and i was taught by my family.


Sweet Potato Pie

Material Culture
My Culture
By: Jasira McGee
My culture goes back very far even though my family is very small. It doesn't come from many places but it is still important to me. I am African American and I am a christian. My culture comes from both of the two above and it consists of respecting your family and honesty.
-Cards are extremely important to my culture. Our family has a couple of games passed down generation after generation.

-My Great Grandmothers both made quilts and they have been passed down generation after generation.

-The recipe for our families Sweet Potato Pie is homemade created by my Great Great Grandmother.
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