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Imperialism in Hong Kong

No description

Yuen Tran

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Imperialism in Hong Kong

Imperialism in Hong Kong
Hong Kong was imperialized by Britain after China lost the Second Opium War with Britain.
Hong Kong Was a major port for Britain to trade with other Asian countries as well. The port helped Britain bring in goods and resources that were be shipped back to Britain.
Xing Fu
Representative of Hong Kong
Dear Queen Victoria,
I am Xing, an official from the fishing island of Hong Kong. After China lost the Opium War the people of Hong Kong have been used as a bargaining chip and have been traded away to you, the British. We used to belong to China but the British have imperialized us. The people of Hong Kong lived simple lives but now we have small riots and quarrels against British rule and such. I hope that with this letter the British as well as you, Queen Victoria, will understand that we are not suited to be a territory for the British because we are Chinese. The British caused the Great Chinese Empire to become addicted to Opium because they ran out of silver but wanted trade with China so they traded using opium. Do you think it is appropriate for you to get territories for corrupting a nation then looking the other way when they ask you kindly to stop? I do not understand British morals, maybe because I am Chinese but I do believe that this is unethical and wrong for the British to take advantage of their power and force trade upon us. The British commanders have been using our terrain and ports for their armies, that is fine but please in the least help the people of Hong Kong survive the fever, bubonic plague, and typhoons as a real government would. Please make the streets safer and stop the opium dens and prostitution because we have become a British territory. Even if we are not returned to China please at least treat Hong Kong as a real British colony and apply laws that would help the people and not hurt our homes as well as Britain's territory.
Xing Fu of Hong Kong.

British imperialism greatly impacted Hong Kong today. Since Britain made Hong Kong a trading port, the economy of Hong Kong has flourished remarkably. It has one of the highest per capita income in the world and it remains a significant center of global finances. Although Hong Kong was released from British government in 1997, many British influences remain. Their government still functions more identical to when it was under British rule the while it was/is under Chinese government.

Hong Kong's streets and buildings have been influenced by Britain's architecture and how the streets are styled. There are even double Decker buses styled after their British counterparts.
Hong Kong was influenced so much by Britain that their passports had the British coat of arms on it as well as stating that it is clearly British.
After being imperialized by Britain, Hong Kong also modernized. As an effect of that Hong Kong became a major player in British trade as well as an economic power decades later.
As a result of it's modernization there was a population boom. From the small villages to hundreds of thousands of people living in the small island of Hong Kong. The economic boom supported the population boom and now Hong Kong flourishes.
Trade route


Hong Kong.
Trade Routes
Britain to Hong Kong (Purple)
Britain to Others (Brown)
By Frank Yip & Yuen Tran
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