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t@h in a nutshell

Presentation of Trade at Hand at the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Raphaël Dard

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of t@h in a nutshell

trade at hand using mobile phones
for enterprise
competitiveness s Provide TSIs with an International Price Dissemination Tool Daily SMSs delivered to the service subscribers Links Rungis / Paris Market with Exporters Provide TSIs with a tool to inform SMEs Market alerts sent directly to hundreds of SMEs/entrepreneurs Enable Price Collecting Organisations (PCOs) to do their work much faster, improve information quality and ... deliver prices faster Rural commodity prices sent to PCOs databases Collectors use their phone to send rural market prices, by SMS, replacing faxes, phone calls and transports Traders need adapted B2B tools Exporters need price information Exporters need business intelligence TSIs and exporters need national data Enabling small businesses
to advertise their goods
using their mobile phone Exporters need supply-chain monitoring tools thank you for your attention! some outputs to date: 100 exporters receive daily price quotes;
the system is managed by local TSIs 87,000+ SMS alerts have been sent to SMEs, by TSIs 3 national price collecting institutions use mCollect to optimize their operations Using the Web to send SMSs Enabling SMEs to monitor product
quality through their supply chain Market Prices Market Alerts mCollect Mobile
Marketplace Mobile Monitoring 2 national mobile market places were set up small traders link / tourism industry
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