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Math Quiz Bee (4th year)

No description

adrian quierrez

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Math Quiz Bee (4th year)

Math Quiz Bee Easy Round God bless! Average Round Difficult Round Clincher Round 1.) Determine the domain of the function defined by
f(x) = log1/2 (X^2-4) +5 (-∞, -2) U (2,∞) 2.)On all reals, what is the maximum value of f(x) = 8x-3x2 16/3 3.)The pattern AABBBCCCCAABBBCCCC… continuously repeats. What is the 2003rd letter in the pattern? B On a circle of radius 2 cm, the arc intercepted a central angle of 5π/2. What is the measure of arc length? 5π 5.)The half-life of a substance is 75 years. How much of the 200 gram remains after 300 years? 12.5 1.)If f(x) = 11-4x,
what is f(2012) – f(2010)? -8 2.)If (2^2011)+(2^2011)+(2^2011)+(2^2011)+(2^2011)+(2^2011)+(2^2011)+(2^2011) = (2^x) 2014 3.)What is the remainder if P(x) = (x^1992)-(x^1860)+(x^1754)-(x^1636) is divided by x+1? 0 Simplify:
(sin(a+b)+sin(a-b))/sin(a+b) –sin(a-b) tan⁡〖a cot⁡b 〗 5.)For what value(s) of k does
the parabola
y = x^2+(k+3)x+1 never intersect the x – axis? [-5<K<-1] or (-5,-1) 1.)What is the equation of the circle in center-radius form with center at C(-1,2) and tangent to the line with equation x=1? [(x+1)2 + (y-2)2 = 4] 2.)If x runs through all the real number, what is the range of values of y = | 3cos2x – 1 | [0,4] or 0≤y≤4 3.)When f(x)=(x+2)(x-4) is divided by x-a,the remainder is a.What is a ? 4 and -2 4.)The graph of a function y=f(x) is a parabola with vertex at (-1,2).If f(0)=5,what is the value of f(1)? 14 5.)A supermarket display of cans has 30 cans in the bottom row, 27 in the second row, 24 in the third row and so on. Continuing this pattern, can the top row contain exactly one can? If not, How many cans will the top row contain and how many rows will there be? 3 cans,10 rows In which quadrant is the terminal point of arc of length 127π/6? Quadrant II What is (are) the asymptotes of
f(x)=(x^2-1)/((x-1)(x+2))? HA:y=1;VA: x=-2 letter in
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