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Icy Sparks

No description

Hannah Guy

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Icy Sparks

Icy Sparks
Gwyn Hyman Rubio Hannah Guy, Hannah Hanson
Rebekah Anderson, Emily Wichser Everyone has the need to belong. We all have a want to belong in the world. Through those three plot themes, we learn find this theme of belonging. Icy learns that even though she felt like she didn't belong, at the end of the book she found that she was in her place all along, "right here and right now". Author Information Plot Themes Self v. Self: Icy knows she is different, and everyone treats her like she is crazy. She goes through a period of hating herself after Peavy tells her that he "needs a normal gal" (Rubio 243). Eventually, Icy learns that she has a place to fit in, "right then and there" (306).

Self. v. Society: Icy struggles to fit in, and everyone puts in their ideas for what is causing her ailment, saying that she is crazy. She has a hard time getting friends, because no one wants to go near her for fear of catching her ailment. Miss Emily struggles with this theme, as women refuse to get to know her, and say "they don't make panties big enough to cover Miss Emily's broad behind." (14).

Self. v. Nature: Icy struggles with this unknown mental illness known to us as 'Tourette's. Icy is forced to hide the symptoms because she is embarrassed by them. However, they did appear in front of people, including one Lane Carlson. "CRO-OOO-AACK!' I repeated. With my eyes popped out and my head tossed back, I croaked loudly until the second bell rang." (80). The struggle to keep these croaks and tics hidden turns into an inner struggle between what her body wanted to do, and what was socially accptable. Could 'Icy Sparks' be a 'classic'? Was this a worthwhile read? Yes. 'Icy Sparks' shows someone's inner struggle, and how she overcomes it. It can be a good lesson to someone who is going through the same thing, and can show you that you have a place in the world, even though it doesn't seem like it. Although the ending itself wasn't great, the novel was a worthwhile read. Novel Information Themes Literary Devices Icy Sparks is a young orphaned girl who lives with her grandparents in a rural part of Kentucky in the 1950s and 60s. She does not get along very well with her peers starting her 4th grade year, and begins to have symptoms of a mysterious ailment that causes her to have croaks and tics. She finds solace in Miss Emily, an obese woman who knows what it is like to be shut out by the rest of the community. The novel, narrated by an older Icy, recounts her painful journey into acceptance, and the lives she touched along the way. The novel is not relateable enough to be considered with the classics. The ending was very slow. Although the book itself was interesting, the ending was too slow and dragged out more than it needed to be. Is this a book we would recommend? We would recommend 'Icy Sparks' to anyone who is struggling with finding their place in the world, or anyone who is going through the same thing Icy did--someone who feels like an 'outcast' because of an affliction or the way they act. Character Analysis Icy: Icy is the main character. She is an orphaned child who lives with her grandparents. As the story progresses, we find that she develops croaks and tics, symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome, which goes undiagnosed until she is a young woman. During one of Icy’s outbursts in private she feels like god is mad at her and making her body act this way. “I moaned feeling the weight of God’s sky upon me, my body trembling under what I feared was His heavy, horrible sign" (80). She feels alone, her mind telling her "you're alone" (288).

Miss Emily: Miss Emily is a town outcast, because she is very obese. Icy turns to her for acceptance when she feels like no one else will. At first, Icy is like the townspeople, not liking Emily for her stature. But when she tells Patinni this, he replies "So? What does her bottom have to do with her heart?" (15). Icy eventually grows to like Miss Emily, and Emily becomes Icy's teacher, pressing her to go to college, because she knows how smart Icy is. Miss Emily shows that it doesn't matter the size of someone, but it's the content of the heart that should be judged.

Mrs. Stilton: Mrs. Stilton turns out to be the meanest teacher any author could write about. She is known as the "mean fourth grade teacher" (40), and she and Icy do not get along. Icy says that "Mrs. Stilton never liked me" (55). Mrs. Stilton makes Icy feel even worse about herself, and this is the start to Icy's journey of self-acceptance. Characters Icy Sparks
Miss Emily
Peavy Lawson
Lane Carlson
Mrs. Stilton Story Anaylsis Resolution:
Matinni and Icy attending church
Icy finding acceptance in the church chorus Rising Action:

Icy's first episode
Icy's first day of 4th grade
The treatment of Icy from Mrs. Stilton
Icy's admittance into the Sunshine Building
Icy speaking out against Wilma, one of the nurses at the Sunshine Building.
Icy's first trip to the store since her discharge from the Sunshine Building
Patinni's death Plot Overview Imagine there is something wrong with you and no one knows what it is; they just think that you are crazy.

This is Icy Spark's childhood. Foreshadowing is used throughout 'Icy Sparks' and is the main device used. Another main device Rubio used in her novel was flashbacks. Icy had many, focusing around her birth. She would have dreams about it, having almost an unnatural obsession with her birth. The novel begins with a flashback talking about the day she was born -Gwyn Hyman Rubio was born in Macon, Georgia, on August 7th, 1949.
-Graduated from Florida State
-Joined the Peace Corps
-Received Master of Fine Arts in
Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College
-Wrote "Icy Sparks"
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