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The Thinking Games

No description

kelsie morris

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of The Thinking Games

The Thinking Game
Road Trips
My dad pastors a church in Alabama and decided to continue even though we relocated to Georgia. This created a three hour road trip. During this time my family entertain ourselves by solving random riddles online.
How I Solve
Apart of my Riddle solving process is to rewrite the riddle and dissect the key words or phrases

Writing a paper involves reading and breaking down the prompt or topic you are discussing
To be a little more detailed solving a riddle and creating an academic text share the process of
I am full of light but left in the dark. I have many friends very far away and I disappear in the light until it is my sibling's turn to push me back. What am I?
It's A Psychological Issue
After comparing and contrasting the way I solve a riddle with the way I construct an academic text I learned that these two different problems connect in more ways than one when it come to my mental process of answering THE BIG QUESTION.
In Comparison
I also noticed riddles and academic papers are based around one thing.
Break It Down
First Part: I am full of light but left in dark.
Second Part: I have many friends very far away
Third Part: I disappear in the light
Fourth Part: Until its my sibling's turn to push me back
When I break down this riddle I take key phrases.
There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?
Break It Down
First Part: Green house
Second Part: White house inside Green
Thirst Part: Red house in White
Fourth Part: Babies in Red
The question may vary from: What are we trying to figure out? to: What are you explaining? etc.
The Big Question: What am I?
The Big Question: What is it?
Imagine that you have the opportunity to travel back through time. At what point in history would you like to stop and why?
What are the ways in which religious traditions influence each other and change over time?
First Part: travel back in time
Second Part: what part in history
Third Part: would you like to stop

When solving a riddle I have to find the key points or clues that will help me find my answer. But thinking is the only way you can determine your answer. Asking myself what has light? What can be far away ? What disappear when the light comes? And, combining these thoughts on the questions with research on these questions. I figured out the answer was the MOON!
What's The Answer ?
Key: Think Outside The Box
The Big Question: WHY?
When writing an Academic text for this prompt I break it down into clues that will help me figure out what it is I need to talk about. I then think of my favorite time from history and expound upon it using research.
First Part: ways religious traditions influence each other
Second Part: how they change over time
The Big Question: In What Ways?
To construct a paper on this topic I would need to think in detail and expound upon the research of the key words from my break down.
Create a list of influences and changes
Create a list of why i like that point in history.
Create a list of possible answers.
Writing an academic text and solving a riddle relates:
In the process of THINKING!
(Outside the box)
In the process of BREAKING DOWN the given information!
In the process of finding THE BIG QUESTION!
This is the method my mom, dad, sister, brother, and I use
I also took it upon myself to ask my boyfriend and employees what method would they use and everyone had the same idea one girl pointed out in both situations she bounce ideas off others to help her think a little deeper.
If there are other methods people use to solve this process i would be open to learn.
When you are creating an academic text you taking a simplified prompt and expounding on the topic or issue.
When you solve a riddle you are taking a expounded story and finding a simplified answer.
Reversible Effect
After comparing the two topic I realized that thinking outside the box is to key to solving both problems fully. By not sticking to the basics and obvious perspectives and letting my mind wonder I can create better academic texts.
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