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Cross Cultural Marketing

No description

Manpreet Dhaliwal

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Cross Cultural Marketing

NORTH AMERICA Red- Action, Adventure, Aggressive, Blood, Danger, Drive, Energy, Excitement, Love, Passion, and Strength
Orange- Affordable, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Fun, Jovial, Lighthearted, High-Spirited and Youthful
Yellow- Caution, Cheerful, Cowardice, Curiosity, Happiness, Joy, Playful, Positivity, Sunshine and Warmth
Green- Environmental, Fresh, Harmony, Health, Healing, Jealousy, Money, Nature, Renewal and Tranquility
Blue- Authority, Calm, Confidence, Dignity, Established, Loyalty, Power, Success, Secure and Trustworthy
Purple- Expensive, Nobility, Regal, Royalty, Sophistication, Spirituality, Beauty, and Flamboyance
Pink- Appreciation, Delicate, Femininity, Floral, Gentle, Girly, Gratitude, Innocence, Romantic, Soft and Tranquil
Brown- Calmness, Depth, Earth, Natural, Roughness, Richness, Simplicity, Serious, Subtle, Utility and Woodsy
Grey- Authority, Corporate Mentality, Dullness, Humility, Moody, Practicality, Respect, Somberness and Stableness
Black- Authority, Bold, Classic, Conservative, Distinctive, Formality, Mystery, Secrecy, Serious,Death and Tradition
White- Cleanliness, Innocence, Peace, Purity, Refined, Sterile, Simplicity, Surrender and Truthfulness SOUTH AMERICA Red- Danger, Success, Energy, Excitement, Action, Love, Passion,Craftsmanship
Orange- Animals, affordable or inexpensive items, Halloween, Warmth
Yellow- Happiness, Joy, Hope, Cowardice, Caution, Wealth, Religion, Ceremony, Visibility
Green- Environment
Blue- Trust, Serenity, Associated with soap, Masculine colour
Purple- Death, Mourning
Pink- Caring, Nurturing, Love, Romance, Feminine
Brown- Earth, Home, Outdoors, Reliability, Comfort, Endurance, Stability, Simplicity and Comfort
Black- Sophistication, Authority, Religion, Formality
White- Light, Cool, Purity, Accomplishment, Aspiration AFRICA Red- Death, Bloodshed, War
Orange- Energy, Balance, Warmth, Enthusiasm, Vibrant, Flamboyant
Yellow- Reserved for those of high rank, Soul, Sun, Happiness, Prosperity
Green- Corruption, Drug Culture, Hope, Spring, Fertility, Vegetation
Blue- Virtue, Protection - to ward off evil, Truth, Justice, Virtue, Faith
Pink- Feminine
Brown- Earth
Black- Age, Wisdom, Maturity
White- Nature, Mercy, Peace, Purity, Joy, Wisdom, Victory EUROPE Red- Love, Romance, Blood, Passion, Strength, Anger
Orange- Visibility, Loud, Warmth
Yellow- Happiness, Joy, Cowardice, Weakness, Hazard Warning
Green- Nature, Jealousy, Environment, the Outdoors, Earth
Blue- Water, Reliability, Trust, Serenity, Tranquil, Dignity
Purple- Nobility, Luxury, Power, Vanity, Royalty
Pink- Delicate, Femininity, Sensitivity, Soothing
Brown- Earth, Architecture, Masculinity
Grey- Wisdom, Experience, Sophistication, Elegance, Traditional
Black- Mourning, Formality, Death, Evil, Elegance, Sophistication
White- Pure, Clean, Good, Empty, Bleak, Neutral, Peace ASIA Red- Love, Sacrifice, Sin, Anger, Hatred, Celebration, Fire, Good Luck, Good Fortune, Passion
Orange- Happiness, Humility, Good Health, Immortality
Yellow- Earth, Power, Royalty, Sun, Joy
Green- Desirability, Spring, Youth, Nature
Blue- Sadness, Sky, Water, Heavens, Truth, Mercy
Purple- Royalty
Pink- Spring, Femininity, Youth, Happiness, Hope
Brown- Earth, Strength, Durability
Black- Laziness, Anger, Intolerance, Night, Unknown, Mystery
White- Death, Mourning, Pure, Neutral, Respect ITALY PRODUCT:- Italian Pizza Packaging/ Appearance & Dispaly The packaging box will have the colours red, white, and green to honour both Canada's and Italy's national colours. Price The Costs
Making the pizza:- $2.75/ per pizza
The box:- $0.50/ per box
The Shipping:- $1.50/ per pizza box
( in Canadian Dollars)
It will cost $4.75 to make the pizza, ship the pizza from the Italy to Canada, and the box to put the pizza in. To make profit off the pizza we are adding an extra $6.25 to what we had to pay in Italy for a total cost of $10 plus tax. Cultural Interpretation The colours red and white represent the flag of Canada and it's national colours. The colours red, white, and green represent the flag of Italy and it's national colours. Target Market The target market for this product is for all ages. Canada Product:- Canadian Maple Syrup Packaging/ Appearance & Display The packaging of the maple syrup bottle will have the colours red, white, and blue to appeal to the people in Britain. As well as have the Britain flag on it. The colour red means strength, white means good, and blue means dignity. ITALY CANADA Price The Costs
The Maple Syrup:- $5.50/per bottle of Maple Syrup
The bottle:- $1.00/per bottle
Shipping:- $2.00/ per Maple Syrup bottle
(In Canadian dollars)
It will cost $8.50 for the Maple Syrup, the bottle to put the Maple Syrup in, and to ship it to London. To make profit off this an extra charge will be added to make the cost $12.00 (£7.57). Cultural Interpretation The colours on the Maple Syrup bottle represents strength and passion for the colour red, good and pure for the colour white, and for the colour blue it represents dignity and trust. Target Market The target market for this product is for all ages. CANADA GREAT BRITAIN CROSS CULTURAL MARKETING Colours Colour has such an impact on our perceptions that it can literally “colour” how we view something and our next action. An understanding of cultural colour and symbolism is essential to anyone doing business with other countries and must be aware of both the positive and negative implications of using some colours when marketing to them. Colours are probably the most powerful non-verbal form of communication. By: Manpreet Dhaliwal
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