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Jimmy Neutron

on 21 May 2015

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Presented by
Rebecca Kasputis
Tommy Nguyen
Khang Tang
Quang Dao

Katara narrates, "...everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished."
"...although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world."

"Why didn't you tell us that you were the avatar?" Katara asks.
"Because I never wanted to be..." Aang replies.
This shows the social order because the fire nation has reigned over the other nations and it is Aang's [the protagonist] responsibility to save the world and rid of the genocidal acts of the Fire Nation. Aang travels with his companions he met along the journey to create the peace that the antagonists stole away. Aang says he didn't want to be the avatar, but he was born into it, so it was his destiny.

Aang awakens from his frozen state and visits the Southern Air Temple. He is excited to visit the airbenders but finds Monk Gyatso (his father figure) dead. He then finds out that the fire nation has killed off all of the Airbenders except for himself. This sends him on a journey because it motivates him to stop the Fire nation from killing more innocent people.

"If I go with you [Zuko], will you promise to leave everyone [villagers of a tribe] alone?" Aang asks.
As shown in the given picture, The Chin Villagers are mad at Aang for what he's done in his past lives as the Avatar.
From the beginning of the story, he already faces many conflicts while trying to save people from the fire nation attacks. The main dilemma that Aang has to avoid is being caught and murdered by the fire nation; however sometimes problems arise which Aang will have to worry about other than Zuko. To illustrate, Aang is being blamed for Avatar Kyoshi's actions, but the Chin villagers' thoughts about the crimes were false. They wrongly put him on a torture trial.

Aang witnesses the harm that the fire nation caused.
He then leaves his temporary home that he was
accepted into, the Southern water tribe, on his
flying bison, Appa. His new friends Katara and Sokka
come along to help Aang master the other three
elements: Water, Earth, and Fire.

Social Order
Protagonist Goes Through an Emotional Loss
Protagonist Leaves Home
Protagonist faces Conflicts

Protagonist Faces Conflicts
“The avatar disappeared for a hundred years. You turned your back on the world," a bystander complains.
“Don't yell at him. Aang would never turn his back on anyone," Katara argues.
“He wouldn't, eh? Then I guess I must have imagined the last hundred years of war and suffering," the bystander
Aang also gets lost on a spiritual journey to find a way to not kill Ozai.
Since he disappeared, people blamed
Aang for the war. While Katara says he
wouldn't turn his back on the world,
Aang however faces internal conflicts.
He feels guilty because he ran away from
the Airbenders and vanished for a
Aang is a pacifist and doesn't want to kill.Near the end of the war, Aang faces conflicts
where he doesn't want to kill firelord Ozai. All
of his past lives could only give him the advice
to kill.
Growth and Maturity
As Aang moves along his journey and masters the elements, he learns a lot about how to help others. While Aang already has a good heart, his journey makes him a better person and Avatar overall. Aang still acts like a child, but not at times when he had to be professional.
"The True Mind can wither all the lies and illusions without being lost. The True Heart can tough the poison of hatred without being harmed."

Aang helps Tahn and Ying cross the Serpent's Pass and Team Boomeraang assists the couple to deliver the baby under sudden conditions.
The quote above is from the Lion Turtle. Aang seeked guidance as to how he could end the war without killing the firelord (now Phoenix King). He then learns a new technique.
Acceptance Into Society
When Aang ends the war by giving mercy
to firelord Ozai, he is seen as a symbol of
peace. At Zuko's coronation, Aang brings
the four nations back to harmony.
At the end of the story, he is accepted as
the bridge between the human and
spirit world. Aang is respected as the
avatar and many are grateful to him
and his crew.
Returning Home With Knowledge
After the coronation, the crew reunites to spend time with each other. He is a fully trained avatar, with the ability to bend all the elements and gets Katara.
In the future, Aang establishes the
Republic City and tries to unite the
non-benders and benders together
in the new generation with the
new Avatar Korra.
La fin!
El fin!
The end!
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