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Third Person Point of View

No description

Avery Malmgren

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Third Person Point of View

Third Person Point of View
Third Person
Third Person uses the pronouns "he, she, they, them, him her, they"
Third Person
Perspective in a story where you know what ALL of the characters are thinking.
Gossip Girl
The Lord of the Rings
Third Person Omniscient Books
Example of Third Person, but what kind???
It was the day before Thanksgiving and all of the students in class were getting tired of listening to Ms. M talk about Third Person Point of View. Kirby sat silently daydreaming about all of the pumpkin pie she would eat the next day, and reminding herself of everything she was thankful for. Chyna, sitting in the back, was excited too, that all she could think about was having the weekend off to sleep and hangout with family.
Third Person Limited
the narrator uses the pronouns "he, she, they, them, him, her," but the reader only knows the thoughts of one character.
A Separate Peace
Book Examples of Third Person Limited
D.J. ate with his family, watched TV, and played games on Thanksgiving, but Austin did other things. Austin ate with his family on Thanksgiving too, but he also played football outside. He imagined the touch down pass he would receive to run into the end zone and make his team proud.
What Third Person Type is left??
On Black Friday, Kenyatta went to Walmart and got some of her favorite movies on sale. She ran into Lemar at Walmart who had found some of his favorite books with first person point of view:
Looking for Alaska
The Watsons Go to Birmingham
. He said hi to her and then they parted ways to go find gifts for their siblings.
"The Lottery"-short story
Book Examples of Third Person Limited
Steps to Identify POV:
Clues (pronouns...what are they?)
Determine first, second or third POV
If third, is it omniscient, limited or objective?
Third Person Omniscient
Example of Third Person Limited
the narrator uses the pronouns "he, she, they, them, him and her," but DOES NOT give any thoughts of any characters.
Third Person Objective
Subjective vs. Objective
Subjective- has a personal perspective

Objective-distanced, informative perspective
The Watsons Go to Birmingham

"Having a little pee in your pants was better than being dinner from some redneck."
First Person
Second Person
Uses the pronoun "you" and speaks to the reader.

ex: "be quiet"- the you is implied
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