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Link Crew Captain Presentation

No description

Abbey Murray

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Link Crew Captain Presentation

Professional Commitment
Athletics - Track and Field, Club
Academics - National Honor Society, AP and DE courses
Priority Hierarchy -
Link Crew
Literally anything else
Balance - Experience with proper time management, compartmentalize energy, endless passion for this program and what we stand for
Vision for the Future of
the Program I Love
Goals for the upcoming year - Strengthen connection with program, achieve all time high attendance to events, improve our organization, maintain our lasting impact, be able to enjoy coming to school everyday because it means spending time with my family
New Ideas- PSO/LOTW texting system, program suggestion box and ballot system, Diversity Day, required committee nights, joint service projects (working alongside freshmen), LCBC (Link Crew Bleacher Creatures)
The Atmosphere of the
Link Crew Family
Competition and its effects-
Necessary in that it raises expectations, challenges on another to do better, be better
Detrimental when it becomes more than friendly, leads to distrust, division, close-mindedness
Overall climate - Emphasis on our supportive nature, family atmosphere, ideal for growth and improvement where leaders are encouraging leaders to be the very best they can be
Promotion of Growth
Within my team -
Numerous committee events, delegation of responsibility, clear expectations
Within the program -
Keep them involved, work on maintaining year-long connections
Within the freshmen -
More individual attention, examples being polls, premeditated advertisement
C - Maintaining high expectations for character in all areas to build leaders with integrity
L - Understanding responsibility, learning how to be a team player, encouraging others to live up to their potential
A - Having a positive impact on the experience of others, positivity in the face of challenges
S - Desire to learn and be better than who you were yesterday, accepting the fear that comes with risk and be willing to sacrifice in the name of self-improvement
S - Learning to make service to any and all people in need an instinct more than a habit, knowing the difference between ambition and selfishness, finding joy in the success of the team
Link Crew Captain Presentation
Abbey Murray
"They forget why we do what we do; they forget that when we are here, we are for you." - Mr. Mike (LOML)
Support System for freshmen and for one another
I want to create powerful leaders, leaders of compassion and integrity, leaders with a desire to serve and inspire, leaders who love to lead and love each other
Areas to Refine
Personal - Weaknesses to improve on, how the opportunity to be captain can lead to personal growth
Struggles with flexibility, confrontation, impulsive
Within Link Crew- connection with program, maintained contact with freshmen, disorganization, lack of interest
Previous experience - Soccer Captain, Haiti, peer tutor, active participation in class events
Leadership strengths - Dedication, organization and planning, time management, focus, communication, confidence required to speak in front of large groups or take risks when needed, a passion and heart for this program and the impact it has
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