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What negative impacts has Automation brought to our society?

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Elizabeth Solis

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of What negative impacts has Automation brought to our society?

What negative impacts has Automation brought to our society?

Automation is the usage of machinery rather than human labor and other technological advancements. Back in the Days... Unemployment Automation has increased throughout the years because their are new technologigal advancements. Which lead to unemployment because new machinery seem to be more efficient rather than human labor. It is also because most company owners don't want to spend so much money on employees wages, when they can use machinery rather than human labor. Before Automation, people would mostly do everything by hand and sometimes even at home. Later industrialization was a big boom that produced many new achivements such as machinery etc. It also created new jobs but by the years new achievements were made that human labor wasn't necessary as much. What is Automation? Examples: Self-Checkout ATMs Self-Service Gas Pumps Depending upon Automation Many companies depend to much on machinery thinking it can always do their work correctly. They expect everything to be better if it's done through machinery because they think it makes no mistakes like human labor. There are times when technology fails and won't always be there for us. In the future there might be a situation where human labor won't be needed as much due to new technolgical advancements. Past Present Worked Cited

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Begun - NYTimes.com." Technology - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com. Web. Education In many schools computers are used in most occasions. Technology achievemants include the creation of computers which has brought new ways of teaching. Yes, they can help us learn and research things that we didn't know before but it can also lead students to expect thier work can be done by a computer. Now and days there are many students who just copy & paste, plagirism, which is time consuming but won't help them learn anything. This is a cause that technology has provided for us. What people fear... There are people who are afraid of robots taking control in the future. Well for those who don't know a robot is an automatic device that performs functions normally ascribed to humans or a machine in the form of a human. You may now somewhat see why people think robots can control the futire. It's mostly beacase they will be able to function similar as a human and are built stronger towards where they will be able to do more work and human labor won't be nedded as much. The Cause... The cause is obviosly us because we are the ones allowing all this technology to grow. Yes, it mat be time consuming and may save us money but unemployment is not acceptable because people won't be able to provide food for their families. Therefore we should enforce some laws that limit the use of automation so it won't bring so many negative impacts.
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