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How Does an Animal cell relate to a City

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Trevor Baumgardner

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of How Does an Animal cell relate to a City

Nucleolus = Mayor's assistant
The nucleolus controls the RNA. The nucleolus is located inside of the nucleus. Many animal species have more than one nucleolus in each cell.
Filaments = subway system
Filaments help with the movements of chromosomes. They also create the shape of the cell. They are extremely dynamic.

Lysosomes = sewer system
Lysosomes are the digestive system of the cell. In them they have similar things that humans have in their body. When it digests food it gives it to the Golgi body.
Mitochondrion= a bakery
Mitochondran converts sugar into energy. They also provide energy in the form of ATP, which are tiny living organelles inside mitochondrian.
Cystosol = houses/apartments
Cytosols hold organelles. They are a gel like substance. It is made of water and acid.
How Does an Animal
Cell Relate to a City

Cell Membrane = highways
The Cell Membrane Controls The movement of substances in and out of cells. The membrane is made out of double layers of lupid with some protein scattered around it. Some proteins are made out of pores or pumps.
Vacuole = plumbing system
A Vacuole removes waste from the cell.
It contains small molecules inside it.

Nucleus = Mayor
Golgi = Real Estate Agents
The Golgi are in charge of placing where parts of the cell go. In a single cell, there can be as little as one to one hundred of Golgi in one cell.
The nucleus is the head of the cell. It controls how the cell works. Like the mayor controls the city.

Not all cities have a mayor just like how not all cells have a nucleus.
Lysosomes are like a sewer system because a sewer system breaks up waste and compacts it. The lylosomes digests waste and gets rid of it, just like a sewer system.
These can be real estate agents because the golgi help place where parts of the cell go, and real estate agents help find a place for people to live.
This can be the mayor's assistant because it can assist with the nucleolus.
This relates to highways because the cell membrane moves substances around and highways move cars with people in them around.
The vacuole can be a plumbing system because the vacuole gets rid of waste and people that plumb get rid of peoples waste.
This can be a subway system for the city because the filaments control movements of chromosomes and subways move people around.
This can be a bakery because the mitochondrion produces sugar and bakeries make sugary goods.
These can be houses or apartments. These can be apartments because cytosols hold organelles and houses and apartments hold people.
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum = importing system
The SER transports chemicals between cells. These have ribosomes attached to them. They also manufacture substances in the cell.
In the city these can be used as an importing system because they move chemicals in and out if cells.
Rough Endoplasmic
Reticulum = exporting system.
The RER exports protein out of the cell. These consists of a series of flattened sacs.
These can be an exporting system for the cell because they take protein out of the cell.
Secretory Vesicles = assembly line (in a factory)
The secretory vesicles move molecules between locations. They release proteins in other molecules. These vesicles can form naturally.
These can be an assembly line because they move molecules.
Centrosome = Walls/fences
Centrosomes split the cells in half. If these split past each other they can cause cancer. These push on two different sides of the cell.
In the city these can be walls and/or fences. They can be walls/fences because centrosome split cells and half and walls/fences separate places.
Peroxisomes = Air Filters
Peroxisomes carry out harmful gasses. Inside them they have lots of things that humans have. Another thing that these little guys do are store oxygen.
In the city these can be air filters inside buildings. Air filters get rid of toxic gasses in the air, kind of what peroxisomes do.
Question and Answer Time: with Mr.C
Derrick is going to pull 3 questions out of Mr.C's belly and you have to answer them. Ready?
Good Job!!!
Presented by:
Trevor Baumgardner
Derrick Kalinyuk
Brady Porter
Dom Castiglioni
Austin Borba
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