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Ch2 of Computer Programming

Chapter 2: Basic Fortran and Data Types

Jenmu Wang

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of Ch2 of Computer Programming

2.1 Basic of Fortran Programs
2.2 Data Types, Constants, and Variables
Data Types
2.3 Arithmetic Operations and Functions
Chapter 2 : Basic Fortran and Data Types
Dr. Jenmu Wang
Computer Programming
Department of Civil Engineering, TKU
Variable Type Declaration
Good Programming Practice
Variable Initialization
Homework # 1-1
1. Transform the following math formulas into a Fortran program. Let the user input a, b and x using keyboard. Your program calculates the three ys and output them on the screen.
2. Calculate the area of a trapezoid by inputting the height and 2 bases of the trapezoid.
Homework #1-2
3. Find the roots of the following equation.
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