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Science Green tree frog

No description

Georgia Swinton

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Science Green tree frog

The Australian green tree frog Habitat The Australian Green Tree Frog can be found in the northern and eastern regions of Australia.

They usually live in temperate rainforests, swamps, grasslands, woodlands and wetlands usually near a freshwater water source, such as a pond or waterhole. Distribution of the Green Tree Frog Adaptations The four structural adaptions shown in the picture are camouflage colour (green), selective hearing, permeable skin, and sticky toe pads. The behavioural adaptation shown is it's nocturnal habit of being sluggish and slow during the day. Survival in the Wild Abiotic and biotic features of a habitat
Abiotic or nonliving factors are the chemical and physical aspects of a habitat, such as temperature, water, cloud cover, soil and light. These abiotic factors interact with biotic, or living factors, to form the habitat's unique ecosystem. These abiotic factors can influence what type of living organisms survive in the habitat.

Some biotic factors include plants such as fungi and algae and animals such as insects which it eats. The adaptations that the Australian Green tree frog are very important to its survival. Without these adaptations, it is likely that it would not be alive today. Camouflage
The green tree frog's camouflage can help it to blend in with the trees it lives in and to stay hidden from predators.

Selective hearing
Selective hearing can be useful for the green tree frog because it can help it to block out unneeded information and to concentrate on more important information in their surrounding area, such as if prey or a predator is approaching.

Permeable skin
The green tree frog has permeable skin so that water can soak through it and directly into its body. This can be helpful for keeping the frog hydrated.

Sticky toe pads
The green tree frog's sticky toe pads can help the frog to climb and hang onto trunks, branches and leaves of the trees they live in. This also means that it can escape predators by climbing higher than they can get to. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiotic_component
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