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The revenge of the bees

A storymap on 'the revenge of the bees' :DD

jaclyn ng xin ying

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of The revenge of the bees

Characters John , Jane , Tim Character description John was an impulsive and mischievous boy who always have tricks up to his sleeves. Jane was a kind-hearted but timid girl who had phobia for bees. Tim is a smart and sporty boy. He is handsome and almost all the girls in the class likes him. setting Bedok reservoir , school holidays and were there for a picnic . one of the five introduction learnt introduction "Let's go to Bedok reservoir to have a picnic !" Tim exclaimed . " Okay ." both Jane and John answered pre-actions/events What they heard, smelt ,felt. There were birds chirpping , rustling of leaves and bees buzzing. What were they doing? Sweet scent of nectar from hibiscus growing near them . Energised and enveloped in the calm and scerene enviroment. They played catch for hours and they decided to take a rest under a shady tree. Why was John looking up at the tree? John was observing a behaviour of a squirrel scurrying.It was scurrying around looking for food. It then scurried up the shady tree and into a hole which was most likely to be its home. Lo and behold! A gigantic, majestic behive was hung on one tree. development 1 What happened to the beehive? Did anyone stop him? How did Jane and tim react? Were they given any warning? Why did john throw the stick at the beehive? John did not like the buzzing of the bees. Jane and Tim told John not to throw the stick at the beehive but he treat it as deaf ears. Jane and Tim told John but he did not care. Jane and Tim were shocked when they saw the bees coming out of the hive going to chase after them. When John threw the stick at the beehive, it dropped of the tree. problem what was the problem? how did the characters react at first? what did they do next? The bees chased after Jane , Tim and John. They were amazed when they saw the bees chasing after them. Tim , Jane and John decided to jump into the nearby shallow river as bees are scared of water. development 2 Tim , Jane and John decided to jump into the nearby shallow river to prevent the bees from stinging them. ending what happened in the end? All three of them managed to hide from the bees and prevent the bees to sting them. Solution
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