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Dave McPherson

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Holocaust

On May 13, 1939, the German transatlantic liner St. Louis set sail from Hamburg, Germany, for Havana, Cuba. On board were 900 passengers, almost all of them were Jews fleeing from the Nazi Germany. However, after Cuba and then the United States denied these refuges entry. Later on June 6, 1939 St. Louis was to return to Europe.
In europe, antisemitism, nationalism, ethnic haterd, anticommunism, and opportunism induced citizens of nations Germany occupied to collaborate with the nazi regime. The annihilation of the European Jews and with other racial policies. They took their 'prisioners' to concetration camps where holocaust began. Holocaust- the mass murder of 6 million jews
After the German Occupation
German troops occupied Hungary on March 19, 1944. The Germans installed pro-German General Dome Sztojay as a prime minister. Sztojay commited Hungary to continuing the war effort and cooperated with the Germans in the deportation of Hungarian Jews, the last intact Jewish community in occupied Europe.
By Rachel Davis
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