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jessica flores

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Samurai

samurai training
the samurai usually started training at a young age. they learned respect, knowledge and culture. they started combat at later years and mastered it in there prime.
this is a depiction of samurai training for combat.
samurai suicidal death...
samurai was originated in japan in the edo period. they were middle class soldiers or in other words warriors. all able body men had to join the military except for the case of the man being a slave. it was every mans duty and honor to his family.
the most deadly weapon considered to the samurai is the sword. it was one of there only weapons during combat. the samurai would fight until someone fell and breathe their last breath. they slept with it and lived with it. they were loyal to there emperor and would do anything to protect him and this is the way they did it.
by: Matthew Alverez
World history
The Samurai
This is an example of a samurai at his best.
this is an example of how the samurai swords looked and the distiguishment.
a samurai who had been defeated in a battle and survived was thought to bring shame to himself and his family. the way they would get there honor back was to proceed with a ceremony in which they cut themselves slowly in a displeasing suicide death. the samurai would first get dressed for his death and proceed with tourchering himself and final stab himself to death.
this is an example of the last slit the samurai commits in which would end his life.
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