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It's All Connected!

The end of our digestion unit; relations with other body systems, nutrient absorption, solving problems

Annie Wilcox

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of It's All Connected!

It's All Connected! Digestive system works with... Urinary Nervous Endocrine Skeletal Muscular Reproductive Interactions with the circulatory system... Supplies blood and therefore... Oxygen to tissues keeping them alive
Also carries away nutrients to organs! Circulatory Interactions with the endcrine system... Hormones stimulate appetite ...the release of gastric enzymes, ...bile... and insulin Interactions with the skeletal system... Think about it... bones are very important in mastication! Interactions with the nervous system.... The nervous system SIGNIFICANTLY impacts the digestive process... I mean, just look at what the
vagus nerve has done to me! Interactions with the muscular system... Muscles are used in chewing, swallowing, ...and perhaps most importantly, mechanical digestion Interaction with the urinary system... Excretes excretes nitrogenous and liquid waste Interaction with the reproductive system... Without adequate availability of nutrients, including fat, conception and normal fetal development cannot occur Absorbtion... where does it take place? A: Mostly the small intestine... The other three basic nutrients necessary for digestion... The other three nutrients necessary for the body... Minerals Vitamins Water Used to form:
Blood cells
Regulate body fluid
Assist in chemical processes These are inorganic substances the body needs! The most important nutrient! Functions:
Cleanses the body
Keeps skin, organs, and hair in good shape
Helps produce digestive enzymes
Helps collect nutrients from food and water
Helps control body temperature
Needed for proper cell functioning Chemicals that the body needs to...

Process nutrients
asdf Regulate the nervous system Helps to build:
Genetic material
Red Blood Cells
Hormones Thanks for participating! Happy studying!
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