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No description

lim wancian

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of FLOODING

Trees have been cut down illegally
Limited trees will lose it's ability to absorb water properly
The deforested area is struck by severe rainfall
Jan 5 — The National Security Council (NSC) confirmed the massive flood that hit Kelantan was the worst in the history of the state.

This picture taken on December 24, 2014 shows a bird's eye view of flooded streets of the north-eastern town of Kuantan
In history....
Jan 5 — The National Security Council (NSC) confirmed the massive flood that hit Kelantan was the worst in the history of the state
Common natural disaster
Happened when there is a great deal of heavy rain
Most drainage systems cannot handle the amount of water
Drainage systems are blocked due to the people who throw trash into the drain
Effect of Flood
Let’s see what really happened during floods
Who can really help the flood victims at inundated area?
Physical Damage
Ruin crops and building
Soil Erosion
Flora and fauna decreases
Habitat will be destroyed
Billion of dollars have been donated
Businesses can be run down
Unemployment rate increase
GDP of the country decreasing
People are killed and homeless
Hazardous objects floating in the water
It is harder for medical services
Floods can be man-made or natural
Pre-cautionary measures must be taken
We must protect our nature
Why is this

Is there a
Farmlands affected by floods face a huge financial problems
Automobiles on the roads get carried away by the flood water
Effect of flood victims
Enforce the law
Always take precautions
Be alert
Ways to prevent and overcome flood
High Rainfall
Long periods of heavy rain can cause flooding
Rain falling at extremely high rates
Ways to help flood victims
Donate unused clothes
Donate some dunnage to victim
Volunteer to help victims clean the house
Raise fund for flood victims
Penang Firefly Airlines staff arranging the items that will be sent to flood victims.
Volunteers from Sukarelawan NGO and friends help to sort out clothing that was donated to aid flood victims.
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