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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Chapters 1 and 2

Marianne Cirone

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Ch.1 Section 1 Summary: 3rd person omniscient
The 16 year old "Brodie Girls" congregate with the
boys on the school grounds.
Summary: The description of the school and the
girls and what they are famous for. The Pri 1936 Flashback: 1930
Sandy reading a poem 1936
Scene: Girls and boys
teasing each other in the
school yard while Miss
Brodie pressures the girls
into following her, reveals
tension with the school
administration. 1930 3rd person Omniscient
Flashback: scene
in the garden when the
girls are 10.
Sandy's POV
Flash fwd -Rose's reputation
Miss Brodie tells story of her lost beau, interrupted by the headmistress.
Flash fwd - Mary dies in a fire. Chapter 2 Flash Forward-1944
Mary's thoughts before she died Flash back- 1930
Mary's thoughts at the age of 10 Flashback-1930
Scene w Sandy &
Jenny at the tea party
at age 10 and discussing
sex. Sandy and Jenny's Story
that they wrote. More dialogue
with the story Back in the classroom
with Miss Brodie,
also 1930.
Flash Foward -Rose's reputation Girls go to the science room
POV: Rose, Jenny, Sandy Flash to 1931- girls are 11. 1 page summary of Miss Brodie's girls, Eunice's somersault's. Flash Forward to 1959- Scene: Eunice as a 39 year old
having a conversation w her
husband about Miss Brodie. 1931
Scene: the very long walk w Miss Brodie
and the girls (all intertwined w Flash
forwards on how the girls would
turn out in varying numbers of years)
seeing the town around them, their
relationships and thoughts, moving toward Sandy's
Flashback to 1931- Miss Brodie's admiration
of Mussolini.
Back to the walk.
Flashforward to when Sandy was grown and was a
nun, reflecting back on her life (simultaneous flash
forward and flash back??), being interviewed about a
a book she wrote.
Back to present (1931) as the walk continues for
several more pages.
Sandy's thoughts later that evening.
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