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Informative Speech: Chinese traditional festivals

No description

Qian Zhao

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Informative Speech: Chinese traditional festivals

What Are Chinese Doing in Their Traditional Festivals
Spring Festival (January 1)
Ching Ming Festival (Gregorian April 5)
Commemorate ancestors.
Usually rains.
Hiking at the beginning of spring
Dragon Boat Festival (May 5)
To memorial patriot and poet "Qu Yuan"
Holding dragon boat competition
Eating "Zongzi"

Qixi Festival/Chinese Valentine's Day (July 7)
Based on the folktale of “The Weaving Maiden (Zhinü) and the Cowherd (Niulang)”
The meeting on the bridge of magpies
Used to be a very important festival for young girls (pleading for needlework skills).
Ghost Festival/Obon (July 15)
All the ghosts are released from hell. The Chinese "Halloween"
Foods are offered to the deceased to show memorial.
Put lanterns in river.
Mid-autumn Festival (August 15)
Eating moon cakes and watching the moon together!
Guessing puzzles on lanterns
Double Ninth Festival (September 9)

Reference work
Lantern Festival (January 15)
Eating “Tang yuan”
Lantern tour near temple
Laba Porridge Festival (Dem. 8)
Eating "Laba Rice Porridge" and making "Laba garlic"
The porridge is very very sticky.
Worshiping Kitchen (Dem. 24)
After one week, it will be the Spring Festival. Do preparation.
Worship the god of stove and eat stove sweet.
People set off firecrackers to drive
the beast "Nian" away (folktale)
Paper cutting
Family dinner, having a toast saying"Guo nian hao (Happy new year)" together
To burn
A trip to Dandong,
adjacent the North Korea
With meat or ham
With red beans
With candied
Dragon Boat Race
A pianting in the summer palace in Beijing
Peanuts, almonds, black sesame,
sunflower- seeds and walnuts.
Guangdong style
Hongkong style (Ice-skin)
Suzhou style (pastry)
Day for the elderly now.
Climbing a mountain to avoid disaster, attaching cornel on the door, and drinking while watching daisy (in old times).
Stove sweet (crispy)
Tasty and refreshing, sour flavor
good complement with dumplings
A giant dragon lantern
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