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Copy of WHAP Survival Guide

No description

Jennifer Kleiber

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of WHAP Survival Guide

1. Proper footwear 2. Proper attire dress as far from an employee as possible 3. Hire a Baby-sitter 4. Research 5. Payment Or you could always just ignore everything I just said and suffer all through out this year... But yeah I wouldn't do that. meow 1. HOW TO GET A FIVE ON THE AP TEST In order to get a five on your AP test it is really important that you:
Pay attention in class
ALWAYS take notes
Watch the movies and videos Ms.Kleiber tells you about
Practice writing essays on the internet. Practice a lot!
Try to buy The Princeton Review! (They include time period summaries, test examples and vocabulary. They are really helpful!)
If you do all of this you will get the 5 you deserve DON’T PROCRASTINATE! You don’t want to leave everything for the end, study whenever you can and have time! ALWAYS TAKE NOTES! Try to study them every week, that way you’ll also manage to go over the things you’ve learned that week. READ ALL THE BOOK CHAPTERS! I know they’re long, and i understand how it can be pretty annoying to read all those pages but believe me when I tell you they really do help a lot! Every year a classroom full of brave sophomores makes the decision to take one of the hardest courses ever… AP World History Some of them accomplish their goal… Others drop out… And we’ve heard some even die trying… (jk guys no one dies, but you might feel like you’re about to sometimes) Anyways after all those all-nighters, headaches, and sore hands you’ll actually enjoy this class, find out it really isn’t as bad as it sounds, and see that at the end it all really was worth it. However before you experience all those painful months we will give you some tips to help you survive and not be one of those losers who drop out, with the… By: Alexa Ceja, Ella Horn and Phillip Nguyen 2. WRITING FOR DUMMIES! During this course you're required to write three different type of essays: DBQ, CCOT and Compare and Contrast.
This are some tips on how to do get a 9 on all of them! DBQ: Read the question at least 3 times. Don’t move on until you fully understand what its asking you
Write what each document is about as you read them, that way you won’t waste time!
DON’T ignore the historical background that’s provided for you! Remember its only there to help you CCOT: DON’T write about different time periods, even if its really close to the one they mentioned on the prompt.Read the question carefully, it sounds dumb but most people forget to write similarities or changes! Remember to mention both!It is really helpful to make a diagram or outline for this essay too, since it also contains a lot of information Compare and Contrast: These essays usually contain A LOT of information! Make sure you make an outline before you actually start writing your essay that way your ideas will be clear and ready
Mention at least 4 comparisons and similarities
Ask yourself questions about the prompt so you’ll fully understand what its asking you to write For all of these essays remember to not stress yourself out! The first essays are always the hardest but everything’s possible with practice, and also remember to learn the rubrics and requirements for all of them! They are really important for you to get full credit. 3. How to not get voted off the island Nobody wants to be that student who had to drop out of AP, right? Well here are some tips to show you how to get along with your classmates, participate, manage your time wisely and even have fun without interrupting or wasting time Help and socialize with your classmates!
It is a good idea to socialize with others and help them if they need it because you would want help if you needed it right? Plus there are many group projects in this class and you don't wanna be left out! But remember to do all of this with Ms. Kleibers permission, and without interrupting the class Dont use any electronics!
If you have your phone out you will surely make Ms.Kleiber mad, and believe me you dont wanna do that... Avoid getting in trouble and dont use your phone while in class, or have your earphones on while shes talking. Always ask before using any electronic. Analyze your ideas before speaking!
Don't say anything that you know will interrupt the class, but still try to participate in class. Try not to argue with Ms. Kleiber because she'll most likely prove you wrong. 4. Top 10 Ways To Become Teachers Pet 1. Be a nerd. Ms. Kleiber LOVES nerds
2. Don't interrupt her. That's a big no no
3. Don't be afraid to give your opinion, especially when she asks for it!
4. DONT fall asleep. I'm telling you from experience...
5. Always take notes, and ask questions. SMART questions
6. Be a Harry Potter fan
7. Think before you speak
8. Be in class on time
9. Offer to help her when she needs help on anything
10. Don't try to be a class clown
11. ALWAYS go beyond whats expected... See what i did there. (In case you didn't there were only supposed to be 10 ways...) 5. Extra Tips! Dont give up! It may feel really hard at first but believe me, you will get used to it!
Keep up with the work and try not to turn stuff late!
Study A LOT!!!
Take this class serious
Ask questions if you need help! Don't be scared STUDY!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you enjoy this class as much as we did. Remember to pay attention and take notes, it will really help! It isn't as hard as it seems :)

GOOD LUCK I know it seems like an exaggeration to say that you should start reviewing since the first day you take this class but I'm being 100% honest, this class requires much more concentration and responsibility. You will be learning A LOT of stuff, and it will be really hard if you leave it all at the end.
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