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Hyperlinked Library: Virtual Symposium

No description

Rob C

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Hyperlinked Library: Virtual Symposium

Hyperlinked Library: Virtual Symposium
By Rob C.
Hey, what is the Hyperlinked Library?
Buckle up my friend: THL is a roller coaster!
And that's what this Prezi is all about...
It's 2.0!
Unafraid of social media, THL encourages participation and emphasizes reaching patrons on their terms!
Maybe, I dunno.
Pretty sure this
is only for girls?
(for the older set)
It's Futuristic!
THL employs cutting edge tech, like radio frequency doohickeys and robots!
3D Printers!
Digital Things
Newfangled books that don't kill trees
Color Printers!
It's Hip!
Teenagers can use their cell phones!
Library signs use internet memes!
Did I already mention Instagram?
OK, I get it. The Hyperlinked Library is about trendy technology.
You bet!
The Hyperlinked Library is About Heart
"The defining element of the Hyperlinked Library model is that the library should seek to encourage the heart of users via every mechanism and every channel possible"

-- Michael Stephens
The Four C's: Connect, Collaborate, Create, and Care
Technology is merely the tool...
"When we focus on people, we can acknowledge that technology is an important but subservient tool that helps libraries meet the needs of their communities."

-- Aaron Schmidt
“It’s not the technology, stupid.”

-- Paul Barrows, classmate
The Cluetrain Manifesto
, author David Weinberger describes the flattening effect the Internet has on office org charts. He tells us this: "Your pyramid is being replaced by hyperlinks."

His insight goes beyond the workplace. When we map out the complicated and diverse relationships people form, and the connections they make, it looks a bit like the World Wide Web.
The "Hyperlinks" Are People
Participation is Key
“The participatory library engages and queries its entire community and seeks to integrate them into the structure of change. The community should be involved in the brainstorming for new ideas and services, they should play a role in planning for those services, and they should definitely be involved in the evaluation and review process.”

-- Michael Casey
We Should Put Patrons First
"Making things better for library users isn't that difficult if we just shake ourselves out of our complacency, forget what it's like to be a librarian, and remember what it's like to be a normal person again. It's a matter of moral reasoning as much as anything else. Imagination and sympathy. What would we want if we were in the place of the user? What can we do to make that happen? The choices are often easy, even if acting on them is sometimes hard."

-- Wayne Bivens-Tatum
So Why Call it "Hyperlinked"?
We're Should Always Be
Learning, Teaching & Creating
I learned about the human element of libraries. To me, libraries have always been just another service. Like a post office or a grocery store, a place where you go to do something or get something. But libraries can be much more.

Thanks for watching.
Here's what I learned in the class
We Can't Play to Not Lose
"We shouldn’t look at failure as finality, but rather as a test bed to help ideas evolve."

-- Brian Mathews
We're More Than Our Collections
All Four Squares
Clouds! All the Ws!
I've read about free, open classes anyone can attend, a patron who used library services to make a prosthetic limb, and a library in Ghana that connects mothers with the services they need to stay safe and healthy. This is important work that enriches lives.
Libraries have to be willing to try new things, to risk failures and setbacks, in order to move forward and find what works.
We Should Work in Glass Houses
"Open communication means talking to the staff and community about the library’s mission, plans for new services, and idea building. It means having open meetings where library administrators can discuss new ideas, either inviting in younger staff to high-level planning sessions or taking your meetings to the far points of the community to converse about new buildings or major service changes."

--Casey & Stephens

"Being open and honest… are acts of kindness."

--Wendy Derman, classmate
And that's what we're about.
I still have my reservations about librarianship. This gig’s not for everyone, you know.
But I can honestly say the Hyperlinked Library makes me optimistic about the profession.
Well. No. See, this presentation is ugly for a reason.
Technology doesn't define the Hyperlinked Library...
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