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Reasons for failure of Filipino Revolts against Spanish 1

No description

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of Reasons for failure of Filipino Revolts against Spanish 1

Reasons for failure of Filipino Revolts against Spanish
by group 5
-Lack of manpower, weaponry
and commitment
-Lukewarm spirit of
nationalism among Filipinos
-Inadequate training and
preparation for warfare

Archipelagic nature of
the Philippines prevented a
steady communication in
the provinces
Filipinos' negative traits
Lack of knowledge
and skills

crab mentality
too self-conscious
No feeling of unity
and nationalism
among the Filipinos.
Divide and rule or divide and conquer is a strategy were you gain power by attacking or taking one’s power with high concentration by dividing them or breaking them into pieces and preventing upcoming groups with power from gaining them and this strategy is used by different empires in gaining or expanding their power or expanding their sovereignty.
Due of forced labor
Lack of The Filipino Nationality
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