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1.3: Unit 24 Physical Education and the Care of Children & Young People - Stakeholders

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Ryan Farrow

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of 1.3: Unit 24 Physical Education and the Care of Children & Young People - Stakeholders

On your own write down your definition of the term
Stakeholders in education
The government and the QCDA
Checking for learning
What do all of these areas have in common?
Why do these stakeholders show an interest in education ?
Unit 24: Physical Education and the care of children & Young People
Learning outcomes
Structure of PE
Hannah Cockcroft
Disability in sport
How would you coach a participant who suffers from a disability?
Who is she?
Gold medalist
Won 2 golds at LDN 2012 in 100 & 200m sprints

She is currently studying a L2 Sport course

Be able to define the stakeholders in physical education
Strengthen understanding of the importance of stakeholders in education
Activity 1
Using the flip chart paper come and write down one thing you can remember about our previous lesson
Foundation Stage
Preschool-end of reception year
Key Stage 1
Years 1-2
Key Stage 2
Years 3-6
Key Stage 3
Years 7-9
Key Stage 4
Years 10-11
Age 5-7
Age 7-11
Age 11-14
Age 14-16

A person with an
in something, especially a business.
Activity 2
Now can you place your term in an educational context
In Education Context
group of people/organisations
who have
that are linked
to the
of schools.
Make use of a large network of experts to advise them in educational matters
These experts also assist in the design of the national curriculum
stakeholders might represent
All areas where young people may progress when they leave compulsory education
Keen to ensure that state education and the national curriculum provide all young people with the opportunities to develop the abilities and skills needed in modern life.
Sector Skills Councils
State sponsored- employer led organisations that cover specifc sectors.
To reduce skills gaps and shortages
To improve productivity
To produce the skills of their sector workforce
To improve learning supply
Checking for learning
Take a chance
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