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Umbrella Summer

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Umbrella Summer

This book is about a young girl, Annie, who went through a sad period in her life. Annie has about a billion things she worries about. Why you ask? Well, the reason is because her brother, Jared, died from heart problems that the doctors never pointed out. Now, Annie thinks she needs to be careful 24/7. Annie realizes that being careful is hard, though. But,Annie might find a way to step out of her comfort zone and step back into the sunshine.
Annie Richards
Main Characters

Why you should read this book
Cool Pics
Annie Richards is a sweet and sensitive girl who enjoys being with her B.F.F. Rebecca. But, I guess she isn't always sweet. Sometimes she can be bad when she has too. But, she isn't very adventurous either. Her favorite passtime, so far, is reading a book about diseases. Yes, you heard me, diseases. That is a little sneak peek about Annie. Read to find out more.
About Annie Richards
I bet you're thinking why I chose snowflakes for my prezi even though the book setting is in summer. Well, the answer is because I couldn't find rain since the book is called

So, my second best choice was , of course, snow. :)
Why I chose snowflakes
Annie's house
Mrs.Finch's house
Rebecca's house
More pics
Thanks for listening! Hope you take my advice and read this incredible book. Happy reading!
Umbrella Summer
I think you should read this book because it tells a story about a girl who steps out of her comfort zone to be more careful, and sometimes that comes in handy in different ways. It also has a good message about life. I believe that message is step out of your umbrella of sadness and into the sunshine. :) (found on the back of the book)
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