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Breaking Bad Personality Analysis

No description

Jeff Mariconda

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Breaking Bad Personality Analysis

Walter White is the main protagonist of the show. He originally starts off as a high school chemistry teacher, but when he later finds out that he has cancer and is likely not going to survive, he becomes desperate to leave something meaningful behind for his family. So, he starts a Crystal Meth cooking business with his former student, Jesse Pinkman. Skylar White Hank Schrader Walter White Personality Analysis
Breaking Bad Jessie Pinkman Humanistic Theory Psychoanalytic Theory (Karen Horney) She is an aggressive neurotic Always looking for control over others Manages the car wash and works
in bookkeeping Season Four: she buys the car wash for Walt's
money laundering Skyler is trapped in the love and belonging stage Alfred Adler's Psychoanalytic Approach Karen Horney's Psychoanalytic Approach Walter is a mixture between Aggressive and Withdrawn Neurotic
He is a perfectionist when it comes to his work. (If even one part of the Crystal he cooks is off, he will start all over)
He is very controlling over Jesse
Refuses to accept help from Skylar
Goes after Tuco for robbing Jesse of a small portion of his Crystal. (Blows up the entire hideout) Jesse Pinkman Season 2: Skyler says she is leaving Walt Season 3: Skyler sneaks cigarettes to
seek solace The BIG FIVE Sklyer does not take finding
out her husband is a drug dealer
well cant control her emotions Season 3: drinks to cope with the
relationship difficulties with Walt
while pregnant Biography of Skyler Wife of Walter White Born August 11, 1970 Has a sister named Marie Skyler is a published short story writer She sells items on Ebay for extra money Eventually gets pregnant Walt Jr. Skyler ends up owning a money laundering business Best Fit Skyler best fits the Big Five theory She shows emotional instablitly throughout
all the seasons Copes with her emotions in unhealty ways Ex: Drinks, smokes, launders money Jesse struggled with drug abuse and was a poor student in school. He was kicked out of his house because of his drug abuse. Jesse becomes a drug dealer and after Walt sees him escape from a drug bust he approaches him. Jesse was one of Walt’s old students in his chemistry class. Walt asks Jesse to cook meth with him and they become partners producing some of the best meth. Jesse Pinkman Lowest
Jesse’s lowest trait is agreeableness. Jesse lacked trust and did not want to give Walter a chance for awhile. Jesse did not care much when his old drug partner got captured. Highest
Jesse’s highest trait is neuroticism. Jesse was bad in school and was kicked out of his household by his parents. Jesse struggled with drug abuse and ended up selling drugs. Big 5 Analysis The stage that Jesse falls into for Maslow’s Humanistic Hierarchy of needs is the second step, safety. Jesse originally fell in the first step when he was kicked out of his house but eventually loved in his aunt’s house. Jesse seeks protection because other drug dealers are after him to kill him. Jesse is also going against the law because he is cooking and dealing meth. Maslow's Humanistic Hierarchy of Needs Jesse suffers from all 3 steps of Karen Horney’s approach. He is compliant because he has no one. His parents kicked him out when he had a drug problem. He’s aggressive for the need for power when he finds out Walt can cook the best meth he wants to be on top. He is withdrawn because he tries cooking the meth a faster and worse way instead of listening to Walt. Karen Horney’s Psychoanalytic Approach The best theory for Jesse Pinkman is Karen Horney’s psychoanalytic theory. This theory is very precise about Jesse’s personality and describes him better than the other theories. Best Theory Hank is a DEA agent who is Skylar's sister, Marie's, husband. He is portrayed as the typical "tough guy" cop for most of the start of the show, but later on we get to see a different side of him. He is obsessed with catching the elusive "Heisenberg" (Walt's alias) and does anything and everything to try to get to him. This ends up causing a lot of problems for him and also shows some of his own inner problems. Adler's theory has to do with the fact that we all have feelings of inferiority
Hank feels inferior and useless after he is paralyzed
His consequence is compensation: he starts collecting "minerals" in order to feel like he has something worthwhile to do
Feels like he can't do anything, so he picks something easy Humanistic Theory Big 5 Theory Best Fit Theory for Hank Out of the OCEAN traits of the Big 5 Theory, Hank mostly displays Extroversion and is probably lowest in Openess
Hank as a person is always very straight-foward and talkative
He can also be short-tempered and often acts on his emotions
Openess would be lowest because he is not very creative or imaginative
Also is very one-track minded, so he doesn't have a broad range of interests The Big 5 - O.C.E.A.N The best fit theory for Hank is the Humanistic Theory
His obsession with Heisenberg is really all about his desire for himself to be respected
He has low self-esteem, but hides it with the tough guy persona he puts on everywhere
When he becomes paralyzed after getting shot by cartel hitmen, he feels like he really doesn't have anything to live for or be useful for
All links back to his self esteem Walter displays high levels of Neuroticism and Conscientiousness.
For example, he is very emotionally unstable. Lashes out at people, and acts impulsively in certain situations.
He is also very conscious of the details in his work. Thinks carefully about his actions in the long run.
Displays low levels of Openness, Extroversion, and Agreeableness.
He has a need to be in charge and to do things his own way.
He does not open up to anybody about his problems.
Does not really express his true emotions with the people he loves. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs In the hierarchy of needs, Walter is currently stuck between stages 2 and 3. (Safety and Love/Belonging)
He is currently in bad terms with the head of the drug operation, who is now waiting for an opportunity to kill Walter.
Walter is also dealing with family issues. (Relationship with Walt jr. and recent divorce)
In addition, he sometimes struggles with issues of morality and sense of self acheivement. Out of the 5 stages, Hank is in the 4th stage, Esteem for most of the show
Acts tough in the beginning of the show
His weaker, less secure side is displayed after the incident at the border of New Mexico
He is scared of the danger he faces with the drug cartel, but he feels like he shouldn't be because he puts on the "tough guy" act all the time
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