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UKTI meeting

Inward investment operational and marketing meeting

Monika Chowdhry

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of UKTI meeting

Making the most of web (social media et al) Who am I? Web communications officer with
Digital Diplomacy Group (DDG). What we do? Solving foreign policy problems through the internet What am I doing here? ... What is social media? Some of the popular social networks in India Facebook Twitter Linkedin Ibibo Orkut But where should I start? Listen Doing the research to really understand your audience. Who are they? How do they act online? Where do the conversations take place?

Monitoring relevent online conversations as they happen. Publish Publishing seems an obvious stage - Get your message across to an audience, you need to produce the content and then make it available to your users. Engage Digital engagement is usually publicly visible, but targeted at particular communities of interest. Evaluate Knowing what to measure and how to measure. What's possible on Linkedin? Create community - updates, events, case studies, podcasts

Participate in other similar communities/groups

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Bring online offline Let's discuss more...
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