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No description

Tim Carter

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of TED

Are you doing what satisfies you? The Process Shortened > What do you think about when you're not occupied with life's obligations? Start Is it something you are good at? Do you want to learn to be better? Give up. YES NO NO Do you know the technical side or theory of it? NO YES YES You're on the right track. Do you want to learn it? Does positive criticism bother you? YES Don't bother. NO YES Practice and achievement is a gradual self-reinforcing process. NO Good. Now ask masters of your craft for critiques and/or ideas Keep working
hard Remember to
Breathe Does anyone praise your work? You're probably no good. Start over. NO Why yes, sometimes they actually do. Thanks for noticing. Keep at it; that feedback will motivate you to do more and become even better. " " Will people pay you for it? NO YES Find a way to make it happen,
give up. It's a good start.
Keep at it. Keep at it to the
next level. Keep going. One day you will wake up feeling fulfilled. Fear can paralyze us. Take Risks Just commit
to it The Mastery Cycle TIME EFFORT MASTERY PASSION Everyone likes to do something different - So take risks. A Risk we should all take You'll be alright Choose something you are good at,
and love to do. Learn to become passionate about what you already do. What are some of our fears? If I do what I'm passionate about, I won't make money. I want job security (irrational) Most likely you are passionate about this, and in this you will find satisfaction. It's a process. It will pay off if you work hard and be the best at what you do.
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