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Saoumyaa is a-w-e-s-o-m-e awesome awesome yah awesome!!!

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Donna Boll

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Saoumyaa is a-w-e-s-o-m-e awesome awesome yah awesome!!!

Babies!! Elephants can have a baby after 10 years. Looks like!!! Elephants are Awesome Eats and Diet!! Elephants love fruits and veggies. Enemies and Protection!! Elephants use their tusks to push their predator. Home and Habitat!! By:Saoumyaa Jatkar Save the Elephants! Elephants have thick legs! Elephants are warm-blooded. Elephants have 12 molars. They have pads at the end of their feet. They have 1.5 inches thick to protect it from its environment. Bulls drink from there trunk and shower from it to. Elephants hearing is really good thats why they have big ears Maximus can't hear other elephants sounds. Elephants teeth are usually 2 inches tall. Maximus have thick and wrinkled skin. There tusks are made from ivory. Elephants have thick legs. Elephants have 2 fingers at the end of their trunk. Maximus have an arched back. They use there tusks for stripping there food. Elephants use their tusks to dig for food to! Elephants will die if they loose their tusks. Elephants have big tails so its harder to walk. There birth interval is 3 to 4 years. A elephants life span is 50 to 60 years. A juvenile starts using his trunk after 2 weeks. They usually mate at age 13. They leave their mom at age 12. There babies can't walk till 3 to 4 days. If there is to much heat the mother stands over the calf to protect it. The mother helps the calf by nudging it up to stand For one week the mother would help her calf balance. From the moment the calf is born it gets a lot of attention. A male only breeds for 3 months in a year. Elephant babies are called calf's. Calves are really hairy when they are born. Babies weigh 250 pounds when its born. Calves can't see when they are born. At first calf's only drink mothers milk. A mother elephant is pregnant for 22 months. Maximus is the biggest eater of them all. The elephants digestive system is active 24 hours. Elephants need water every 15 minutes. They eat 15 pounds of seed everyday. Maximus are known to find food for half their day. If elephants stayed in one place for a long time all the plants would be gone. If elephants can't reach trees they would push the trees down. They love ice cream! Elephants are tortured by humans. Elephants are trained by humans to hunt even if they are herbivores. Sri Lanka has the most humans who kill elephants. Elephants have the biggest tusks to kill thier predator. Elephants help our environment. Sumatran population is less. Indian elephant have the most population. Elephants make noises to call for help. Calves use their mother for protection. Elephants hypnotize themselves by putting mud on their bodies. Once when a elephant jumped the ground shacked and made a crack.huvlivg di fykyiggd Elephants are completely grown they have gone threw all there steps. When elephants are in there last step of growth they are called Devonian. Elephants then start growing more and are called a young. Elephants are really small when they are born and are called calves. Elephants slowly grow by years and are called juveniles. Elephants stages!!!!! Elephants would die in Antarctica. Elephants have problems with their tusks so they have to stay in hot areas Habitat loss is one of the key threats to elephants. Elephants germinate plants in the wild. Elephants eat seeds that they get from germinating plants. Elephants make their own medicine in the wild. Elephants use the plants that are available to make their medicine. Maximus love to have wind while they sleep. Maximus need water so they can't live in the dessert. When a baby elephant is born it needs water immediately. When a elephant dies people use their tusks to make a better environment for the other elephants Maximus have the biggest land since their is 50-150 elephants in a group. Elephants that live in the zoo are never happy and never eat more then hay. Elephants have lots of rocks in their area. Miscellaneous!! Elephants are closely related to the wooly mammoth. Elephants can dance if you put music. During breeding elephants eyes swell up. Exiting
Awesome just like me
Super Hope you have understood that it is important to save elephants and think about saving them so they don't become extinct!!! Elephants most deaths are by humans and Tasmanian devils. A elephants group is called a matriarch. Babies have 6 toes. Elephants can recognize themselves in the mirror. Elephants have great memory!
Elephants don't like peanuts.
Males live in their own group till they mate.
Elephants use their trunk to snorkel.
Most elephants never run.
Elephants only have 3 scenes touch,taste and smell. Videos!!!
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