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Chemical Weapons

No description

Zac Hakes

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Chemical Weapons

What is a chemical weapon?
A chemical weapon is like a bomb. When the bomb is released it falls to earth. When the weapon makes contact with the ground, the bomb releases harmful chemicals/drugs into the air. Some of the chemicals in chemical weapons are; boron, and chlorine. These are very poisonius chemicals, and require certain safety measures to handle
Symptoms of a Weapon
Some of the symptoms or effets of a chemical weapon are; headaches, chronic fatigue, joint pain, intestinal problems, internal bleeding, memory loss, and in most cases, death. These weapons are very deadly and are mostly illegal around the world.
Syria's Use of Chemical Weapons
The Syrian civil war was a big example of the usage of chemical weapons. The president of Syria (Bashar al- Assad) has used them on his own people, killing them to protect himself. The people of Syria can do nothing to protect themselves. This is part of the reason that the Syrian civil war is such a dangerous afair.
Plan Of Action
The government has a solution to this situation. They are going to ship all of the chemical weapons from Syria to Gioia Tauro in Itally. Next they are going to load the weapons onto a cargo ship, and send them into the middle of the Mediterrain Sea. Then they will sink the ship, which will trap the weapons underwater.
Chemical Weapons
By: Zac Hakes and Mason Stotenbur
President Bashar al- Assad
map of the governments plan of action
Popular Smbol of Hazards
Chemical Weapons Being Shipped
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