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Copy of Research...not a big deal. (7th Grade)

A primer on conducting research, for middle school students: research methods, search tips, url review, website evaluation, metacognition.

Joshua Boles

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Research...not a big deal. (7th Grade)

Research Not a big deal. Research is something eggheads and science nerds do for a living. It only happens in government bunkers or secret labs, and it has a 50% chance of giving you mad scientist hair. MYTH? It all starts with a question... Movie Times 101 How can you find the answer? Look online
Call the theater
Text your friends
Bug your parents Even for simple questions,
you perform a process... The Process of RESEARCH RESOURCES INFORMATION Research is an FACT I'm starving, where's the closest Taco Bell? What time is the movie tonight? When does that new xbox game come out? Ooh it's on sale, 25% off. Do I have enough cash? Can we still get Bieber tickets? What's for lunch in the cafeteria today? Every day? What?! ANSWER Review all the information you've gathered.
Can you answer your original question?
What was interesting about the answer?
DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?! QUESTION It all starts with a question, right? But not just any question.

2)Think of RESOURCES you can use to find the answer


4)Decide on an ANSWER What you need to find, understand, learn, or discover Tools you can use to gather information. Facts, data, statistics, definitions: anything that helps you form a conclusion What it all means. Have you ever asked a question like these... We want a question because a question can be ANSWERED.
Most of the time, you don't get a question, though... Teacher vs. Librarian! Research Project Topic: Sasquatch

5 body paragraphs
1 fact per paragraph What are five scientific facts that prove the existence of sasquatch? Remember, that's all research is: Answering a Question What time is the movie tonight? Let's start simple... This works for the movies.

Why do anything different for research? THIS If you use Make a research road map.
Where could you find information?
Books, websites, magazines, journals...
Lay out where you'll look before you start looking. Let's talk a little about web resources. Time to start searching. Databases Lo and Behold, All Websites Are NOT Created Equal... AUTHORITY Where should I search first?
Google? The Dirtiest "Ism" Give credit where credit is due.
Want an easy way to protect yourself?
No worries about reliability
Provide you with citation info With ANY website, you need to know:

Who wrote this?
Why did they write it?
Can I trust it? Look for a link. It might say:

About Us
Author Info
etc. Search Strategies ? Starting Lineup Try some What does Google actually DO??? Plagiarism El RESEARCHO
DOCUMENTO will be way
easier Writing THIS Hint Hint... If you answer your question, in the form of a statement, guess what?

< o
o ) U | o
o ) O
O | | | ? ? Use KEYWORDS Build by SUBTOPIC If at first you don't succeed... Keywords = words that unlock What changed as a result of the black plague? Black Plague Black Plague

Black Plague Disease

Black Plague Effects

Black Plague Treatment You may have to actually LOOK for information... TRY TRY AGAIN!!! If you answer your research question, in the form of a statement...your answer will be... A THESIS STATEMENT everyday life skill Yep, that means you might already be doing research, every day. And even if you aren't, you need to know how. Hey, waitasec... If I do research all the time, why do I have to do it in school? Research Questions are usually COMPLEX So what's the upside? Research gives you the opportunity to become an EXPERT a Prezi by Mr. Boles Teacher gives you: Librarian expects: vs. Tips to help you start on the right foot... What? I have to READ??!! SCAN Well, sort of...you need to 1. Keep your eyes light, and move them quickly across the webpage
2. Look for bolded terms, vocab words, keywords, etc.
3. Scan the beginning, middle and end of paragraphs. You don't have to read every word...but you DO HAVE TO READ
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