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The Intimate Alliance Between Religion and Good Education

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Paulo Pedroso

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The Intimate Alliance Between Religion and Good Education

Excerpts from the poem
"Education without God is not true education."
The Intimate Alliance Between Religion and Good Education
Rizal wrote this poem during the summer of April 1876, before entering his fifth year in Ateneo Municipal in June
Common good
Stanza 1
Compared the relationship of Education and Religion to that of an ivy and elm
Stanza 2
"Education will lead us to greener pasture"
In 1876, Rizal started writing poems on various topics - wars, childhood memories, education and religion
Ateneo de Municipal
"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."

Stanza 3
Education without religion is comparable to a vessel lost in a stormy sea.
This is a 4 stanza poem that correlates
education to religion
by: Dr. Jose Rizal
Stanza 4
With the aid of religion, education will be used for the common good.
"If Education holy nourishes Education with its doctrines, she shall walk in joy and generosity."
Rizal shared his thought about the importance of education to enlighten the nation which was useful to gain societal freedom for every nation. It may also provide us the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to expand the horizon of our thoughts. However, this would not be enough to be properly educated. Rizal thought that there was really an intimate alliance between religion and good education.
Moralistic approach (Moralistiko)- Rizal wants the reader of this poem to realize how important education being put up into good use
As an engineer, I will apply my skills for the common good.
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