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Coca Cola

Trent Kenny And Robbies prezi on the coca cola company

robert nevarez

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Coca Cola

Business Facts -2010 Revenues are $210.4 billion, and Profits are $17.7 billion. Revenues went up 28.4% from 2000, and profits went up 124% from 2000.
-Stockholders equity is $24,799.00
-Coca-Cola Market value is $125,975.00. (3/26/2010)
-Average anual growth from 1999-2010 is 11.6%.
-Coca-Colas change from 2008 to now is %17.7
-Corporate level jobs pay anywhere from $125,00-$600,000 a year
-That about $70 an hour
-A complete list of additional products are shown at the link below Benefits Health & Welfare:
Medical (including vision), Dental, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Group Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, Business Travel Accident Insurance, Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, Survivor's Benefits Program and an Employee Assistance Program with confidential counseling services. Workplace:
A workplace that includes a diverse, inclusive and fair environment, specialized employee affinity groups, a commitment to training, a mentoring program to broaden employees' network and resources, vacation purchase program, and business casual attire. Benefits

Adoption assistance and quality-of-life benefits including paid vacation and holidays, flex-time, job sharing, telecommuting and local health club discounts.
Education benefits that include tuition reimbursement and a renewable undergraduate scholarship fund for dependents of Company employees.
Discounts & Conveniences that include automobile discount plan, employee discount program.
At Company headquarters office: on-site dry cleaning, cafeteria, credit union, Company store, concierge services and free parking.
Retirement Plans, including a 401(k) plan with Company match of 3% and choice of funds and a defined benefit plan that is entirely funded by the Company.
Matching Gifts Program up to $10,000 per participant each calendar year on a 2-for-1 basis. Business Facts

-The coca cola companies do a lot of advertising with holidays
-They focus on Christmas mainly
-Coca-Cola is celebrating their 125 year anniversy on May 8
-Coca-Cola along with the Ebenezer Baptist Church are both celebrating their 125 year anniversarys by helping out in Atlanta, Georgia
-Over 300 volunteers are helping distibute food and water
-Coca Cola CEO is Muhtar Kent
-Today we lead the beverage industry with more than 500 beverage brands -- including four of the world's top-five sparkling brands.
-Coca-Cola Beverage company, founded 1892 by Asa Griggs Candler, who had purchased a syrup formula created by John S. Pemberton in 1886.

Business Facts

Muhtar Kent
Herbert A. Allen
Ronald W. Allen
Howard G. Buffett
Barry Diller
Evan G. Greenberg
Alexis M. Herman
Donald R. Keough
Maria Elena Lagomasino
Donald F. McHenry
Sam Nunn
James D. Robinson III
Peter V. Ueberroth
Jacob Wallenberg
Muhtar Kent
Ahmet C. Bozer
Eurasia & Africa Group
Dominique Reiniche
Europe Group
José Octavio Reyes
Latin America Group
J. Alexander M. Douglas, Jr.
Steve Cahillane
North America Group
Glenn G. Jordan S.
Pacific Group
Irial Finan Bottling Investments
Javier C. Goizueta
Alexander B. Cumming
sHarry L. Anderson
Ceree Eberly
John M. Farrell
Gary P. Fayard
Rick Frazier
Eddie R. Hays, Ph.D.
Ingrid Saunders Jones
Brian P. Kelley
Geoffrey J. Kelly
Carletta Ooton
John C. Reid
Ed Steinike
Ann T. Taylor
Joseph V. Tripodi
Clyde C. Tuggle
Jerry S. Wilson
Guy Wollaert
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