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Copy of DE2001 - InnoPrenneurs

No description

Bruno Ponto Gómez

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of DE2001 - InnoPrenneurs

This makes you feel...
Analysing problem visually Highly recognized show such as; Broadway presentations, Cirque du solei, etc.
Searching new market segments abroad. Multipliying profits and growing exponetially by having several shows in different countries without the need of hiring actors and staff to set the play in other countries Using Cisco's distribution channels
Approach to Show bussiness Product sales Instalation seminaries Advertising Manteinment Product's license Competitive advantage Musio Prime Sense This technology is nearly new in the show bussiness Las Vegas Broadway When distance happens to be a problem. China USA Europe How is it possible to see those shows without leaving your country ? I'd love to go to broadway 8,000 milles 3,000 milles What if you are able to see it in your city That show you always dream on seeing Wouldn't you be happy? In the past two years tourism has reached it's lowest level in the last decade. This due to the fact that economical crisis hasn't passed completetly. Most of the population all over the world are not able to pay a vacation trip to USA and see one of this shows. Why do that anyways? CISCO's TelePresence And where is the bussines? By using cisco's technology of telepresence we can have a show in multiple places at one moment Sell the product Instalations and support Cisco's telepresence technology How will money come? By selling this technology to international shows such as, Broadways presentations, Cirque du solei, Blue man group and bands who tours all around the world due to cost's matters, they don't reach all the countries they'd like to do Will the service make any difference? By giving access to this kind of service Cisco is going to state a new way of combining shows and technology but... Thanks for your attention This is possible thanks to... By using this technology we can have access to different shows and plays in other cities doing it simpler; instead of moving a whole crew to set up a stage, you'll just have to install your equipment and have access to a network and have your actors or rockstars in stage. What are the advantages? Technology
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